Get in to Win Over $1 Million for Your Dream Home!

Hey there, friends and fans! What does your dream home look like? Is it a large cabin in a secluded wood, complete with a lakeside view and a firepit for summer night barbecues? Or maybe it’s a glass modern mansion stacked with terraces and a saltwater pool? Perhaps it’s your current home, knocked down and redesigned to your liking!

No matter what your dream home is like, though, I’ve got good news for you: right now, you can get in to win over $1 Million — $1,250,000.00, specifically — for the home of your dreams! We at PCH know how important home is — we are Publishers Clearing House, after all. Home is where the heart is, and who wouldn’t want to move to or design their perfect home?

One of the best things about this sweepstake is that it’s $1,250,000.00 for your dream home: we’re not selecting a house and giving it to the winner, a winner would receive all that money and be able to spend it however he or she desired in making the home of their dreams! My dream home, for example, is a SoHo Penthouse that used to belong to a morning talk show host/former soap opera star. But I know city living isn’t for everyone! If you won, you’d be able to pick the home of your dreams!

Another great feature? Entering to win is extremely easy! If you’re already a PCH member, just make sure you’re logged in at, and your information will automatically be there: all you have to do is click the “Submit Entry” button! If you’re not a PCH member, signing up is almost as easy, and you can do it right from the Dream Home link above! Just fill out the form with some basic information about yourself, click the “Submit Entry” button, and presto, you’re done!

And remember, you can come back to claim an entry to win $1,250,000.00 for your Ultimate Dream Home every single day! And while you do so, check out the other great sweepstakes available at From the smaller prizes of $10,000.00 to the life-changing $7,000.00 A Week For Life, authorized for award during our special early look prize event on April 30th, there’s a great range of opportunities for you to get in to win! And as PCH sweepstakes are always free to enter, there is no downside to getting in to win today!

Best of luck and happy entering!


Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: What does your ultimate dream home look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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