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Video: Danielle of the PCH Prize Patrol Is Back At Her Desk Answering Your Questions!

Hey, everyone! Your favorite PCH Prize Patrol lady is back at her desk answering more of your burning fan questions!

Danielle takes time out of her busy traveling schedule to chat with her fans because she truly cares…even when her itinerary is packed! And speaking of a bursting to-do list, just what does the PCH Prize Patrol do to get ready for a winning moment? Let’s watch Danielle’s video and find out!

Wow! I hope you can share in the excitement that there’s less than a week left to enter for the next SuperPrize. It won’t be long before the PCH Prize Patrol is back out on the road again! Danielle, Howie, Dave and Todd just love changing people’s lives, but only people who enter have a shot! Make sure you’re in the running!

Of course, these days, traveling can be tricky. If a place is difficult to go to, sometimes only one member of the PCH Prize Patrol will be on the scene, so there’s always some coordination about who will go when the winner is selected. Then once we know who the winner is, it’s clue time! My fellow blog writer Debbie and I love coming up with clues for all of you to follow, and I know the Prize Patrol loves sharing them with you too!

While we’re busy with stuff behind the scenes, the PCH Prize Patrol needs to figure out how they’re are getting to the winner! Then where to rent a Prize Patrol Van, where to order flowers, where to purchase champagne, what time to meet up with media…the list goes on and on! It’s a busy time, but so much fun!

And how could we forget, also doing fun things along the way, like giving you the behind the scenes on through Instagram Stories on the day of delivery!

So, don’t forget, make sure you get those entries in because the PCH Prize Patrol will be on the road very soon!

Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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    1. Hi Doreen, We’re so glad that you knew that wasn’t the real PCH. As you know, the Prize Patrol will never ask for money to claim a prize. We also don’t notify winners via social media, standard mail, email, or phone. Please report any details you have about this scammer to PCH here: Stay safe and protect yourselves from becoming scam victims!!

  1. How you doing Danielle, I don’t know if this message get to you please message me back it is very important. I don’t mean to bother nobody in this business but I have been told that I have won a publishing clearing House sweepstake a sum of a big amount $10 million dollars. My name is on this check you are holding it, I hope this message get to you please message me my email is le$$$$ but at the time my phone is off so I cannot send emails out on that but my message mail is working through my Wi-Fi I have had it so bad on this Earth, I want to know if it’s true or not. I’m really talking to you this person, telling me I got to pay fee a activation fee of $100 if it is a code fee before I receive my money. I need to talk to you to find out what’s going on. I don’t mean to get bad or nobody here but, I’ve been through too much, this is bothering me, this is making me very sad. I’ve been through too much I have lost family members in the last few years to devastating death and I don’t want nobody lying to me please.