Hi, PCH fans. This week marks the PCH Prize Patrol’s 32nd Anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited! Welcome to a very special edition of Danielle’s Desk where we’re celebrating Prize Patrol Week and wishing the members a very Happy 32nd Anniversary! Check it out!

Danielle’s Desk – Prize Patrol Week!

Can you believe that it’s been 32 years? Well it’s true. It all started in 1989 when Publishers Clearing House began notifying sweepstakes winners in person rather than by phone. Instead of hiring actors to deliver the prizes, PCH created the now famous Prize Patrol.

As I’m sure you know, the Prize Patrol travels across the country awarding major prizes to lucky winners – and believe me, fans know exactly who they are when they open the door. Some faces may have changed over the years, but adorned in official Prize Patrol attire, carrying roses, champagne, and the notorious Big Check, the PCH Prize Patrol are immediately recognizable and can’t possibly be mistaken for anyone else! Check out some of these fabulous Winner reactions!

Some PCH Winners Over the Years:

How does it make you feel knowing that at any moment, you could open the door and become a PCH millionaire? What do you think your reaction would be? What do you think the first words out of your mouth would be? Tell me in the comments section! We’ve had some fantastic reactions from lucky winners. Here’s a peek at some old favorites.

Here are some of Danielle’s favorite Winning Moments!

Here are some of Dave’s Favorite Winning Moments.

With so many people vying to win, I know it can be hard to stay positive and to keep the faith, but just watch some of our Winning Moments, and I‘m sure you’ll feel inspired all over again.

Lastly, and I know I say this all the time, while the PCH SuperPrize is everyone’s favorite, there are still tons of other PCH sweepstakes to enter, so make sure you do!

Well, that’s a wrap. Please feel free to give our PCH Prize Patrol a shout-out in the comments below and join me in wishing them a Happy 32nd Anniversary! This is Tina P. signing out from Danielle’s Desk. Have a great day, everyone, and make sure you’re in to win! You never know… the Prize Patrol could make YOUR dreams come true someday too.

Tina P.
PCH Online Creative

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