Hi everyone. Welcome to another edition of Danielle’s Desk, where we answer the questions you’ve posted on social media. More specifically, where Prize Patrol elite member, Danielle, answers your questions. The question we’re addressing today is a common one, and you may be wondering about it yourself: How long do you have to play before you win?

Question: How Long Do You Have To Play Before You Win?

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Like Danielle said, we’ve had winners who’ve been entering for years, and winners who’ve been entering for weeks. The winner selection process at Publishers Clearing House is completely random, so everyone has an equal chance of winning, no matter how long they’ve been entering.

I watch Winning Moments all the time. I love how shocked and happy everyone is. Witnessing such a life-changing event is really something, and I always get really emotional. Having seen so many, I can tell you that I’ve heard winners say they’ve been entering for years, and I even heard one winner say she’d been entering for three months. THREE MONTHS! Talk about lucky!

There are so many opportunities to win, and it’s always FREE. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose not to enter… which brings me to a question I have for YOU.

Question: How Long Have YOU Been Entering Our Sweepstakes?

We want to hear from you! Please visit the comments section below and tell us how long you’ve been entering to win a PCH sweepstakes! What have you won? Which prize would you most like to win? Have you entered to win our latest SuperPrize? I hope so, because it’s $1,000 A Day For Life, and a “Special Early Look” Prize Event Winner will be announced October 31st!

(alt text: Danielle’s Desk: How long do you have to play before you win? You Could Be Next!)

Whether you’ve been playing for years or days, any PCH Winner will tell you that the most important thing, without question, is to keep the faith and keep entering… because HEY… you never know! Good Luck!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. The only negative thing i have to say is; it is absolutely ridiculous that one must be obligated to “noom” to complete the games with the bonus chests. Tell us all how to avoid noom and get to the chests.

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