Hi everyone. Welcome to another edition of Danielle’s Desk, where we answer the questions you’ve posted on social media. More specifically, where Prize Patrol elite member, Danielle, answers your questions. The question we’re addressing today is a common one, and you may be wondering about it yourself: How long do you have to play before you win?

Question: How Long Do You Have To Play Before You Win?

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Like Danielle said, we’ve had winners who’ve been entering for years, and winners who’ve been entering for weeks. The winner selection process at Publishers Clearing House is completely random, so everyone has an equal chance of winning, no matter how long they’ve been entering.

I watch Winning Moments all the time. I love how shocked and happy everyone is. Witnessing such a life-changing event is really something, and I always get really emotional. Having seen so many, I can tell you that I’ve heard winners say they’ve been entering for years, and I even heard one winner say she’d been entering for three months. THREE MONTHS! Talk about lucky!

There are so many opportunities to win, and it’s always FREE. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose not to enter… which brings me to a question I have for YOU.

Question: How Long Have YOU Been Entering Our Sweepstakes?

We want to hear from you! Please visit the comments section below and tell us how long you’ve been entering to win a PCH sweepstakes! What have you won? Which prize would you most like to win? Have you entered to win our latest SuperPrize? I hope so, because it’s $1,000 A Day For Life, and a “Special Early Look” Prize Event Winner will be announced October 31st!

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Whether you’ve been playing for years or days, any PCH Winner will tell you that the most important thing, without question, is to keep the faith and keep entering… because HEY… you never know! Good Luck!

Tina P.
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  1. As Stace Jones VIP Elite Member I remember my mom is interested Mail order something from PCH one she liked to order things too she liked the sweepstakes now I really thought I started out probably about 10 years ago or self by myself but somewhere along the lines translation must have gotten crossed because it says I’ve been answering since 120 of this year and I have a email from this is funny 2015 saying when I joined then. So an I thought I started roughly around 10 years ago right when my daughter was almost one. But regardless I enjoy entering the games are fun the tokens is cool and you have a chance to win spot prizes and money. So I’m in to win with PCH. It doesn’t cost you anything and your dreams really do can/come true. So I stake my claim fully eligible and compliant in entering the sweepstakes entries on all PCH sites … Thank you PCH

    1. Hello Sandy, congratulations on your winnings! Make sure you enter as often as you can as every entry is another chance that you could become a big winner. Here are all of the ways that you can enter each day: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  2. Yes Ive been entering daily, but legal issues have prevented me from being able to enter as often as I would be able to.

    I could use Retainer-Fee money, cant find any help without it – even with our govt pro bonos.

    So expected to be homeless soon based on our country failing to protect.

  3. i offically started back in 2011 then stop was moving around alot so not that much focus on it i didnt started back offically until about 1 year and half ago its been off and on since then jump the rank pretty quick in the beginning getting those tokens but i slat up a bit since im almost hit yellow diamond level 3 million tokens shy slow and steady wins the race so no worries

  4. I’ve actually been entering since I was a teen. None of my family members would mail back their entries, so I took it upon myself to do it for them. Then, I started receiving mail and sending in my own entries, as well as entering online.

    More than anything else, I would like to retire. I’d love to win The Big One, but a Cool Mil would also suffice just right. As long as I would have some extra income coming to me for life, I’d consider that a wonderful blessing!

  5. Hi Danielle Lam, Please clear up my confusion about entering online thank you. Why is it considered a forfeit if one is not able to reply to an offer online and it has not been viewed by me? my internet will be shut off when i am not able to pay the bill on time > i am always late on it because i get paid only once a month> hence my payment is always about two weeks late of the billing date. Love you all and thank you again for your response. Xo

  6. Hello! I’ve been entering PCH sweepstakes for 3 months, I think today! I would really, really, love to win Giveaway # 16000; The $1,000 a day for life giveaway. I enter everyday for the superprize, as many times as I get notice, through email and website opportunities!