Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Early At PCH!

Let’s see a show of hands. How many of you out there are procrastinators? How many of you wait until the last minute to get your holiday shopping done? Even if you’re planning to do a good bit of your holiday shopping online this year, it’s probably a good idea to start getting those lists ready and checking them off!

With our terrific new lineup of PCH Merchandise for the holidays, we’ve got the money-saving deals you’re looking for – even more reason to shop at PCH now. Let’s do a little window shopping, shall we? This week’s “Best Holiday Ever” lineup has lots of great offers, but I’ll just show you a few. I hope you like what you see so you can start your holiday shopping now!

It’s what everybody needs in the cold weather, so a new pair of warm gloves is a sure bet for anyone on your “gifts to get“ list . These Black Lambskin Leather Gloves, in your choice of Men’s or Women’s, are made with a luxurious leather on the outside and a soft and cozy inner lining. They’re great for every day wear and are sure to be appreciated when those cold winds blow! Choose Small/Medium or Large X/Large in either Men’s or Women’s. Shop at PCH and SAVE OVER 35% (Similar Items Sell Elsewhere For $32.00)!

Don’t know what to get that special man on your list? What about this 18K Goldplate Men’s Chain? It’s sure to win him over with its classic style and its gleaming, rich gold color. Even better, it comes with a FREE Matching Bracelet ($17.99 Comparable Value)!

Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse®? And what child wouldn’t want their very own cuddly, snuggly blanket to keep them warm and comfy? This Disney® Minnie Mouse® Fleece Throw shows Minnie Mouse® off in grand style, with plenty of pink and plenty of polka dots! It’s an Officially Licensed Disney® “Minnie Bowtique” fleece throw in a generous size of 45” x 60”. And it’s so soft! You SAVE OVER 30% (Similar Items Sell Elsewhere For $29.99)!

We can’t forget that other very important member of the family, can we? Any dog would love to play with the Stuffing-Free Black Bear Dog Toy! This plush pal is free of stuffing and doesn’t leave a mess around the house. Your furry friend can chew and shake and toss it to their heart’s content! And this PCH merchandise offer comes with a FREE Stuffing-Free Raccoon Dog Toy ($17.99 Comparable Value)!

Jigsaw puzzles have seen a big surge in sales these days. They’re fun, relaxing, and help to pass the time at home with a challenging piece-it-together picture. We’ve got a great deal on two puzzles in one box when you shop at PCH. It’s the 500-Piece Puzzle Set of 2 and it comes in your choice of Puppies OR Kittens. Watch these adorably illustrated pet scenes come to life as you piece them together. It makes a great gift for the avid puzzler in your life and you SAVE OVER 60% (Similar Items Sell Elsewhere For $39.99)!

I hope you enjoyed previewing some of these bright ideas for holiday shopping with me! There are plenty more money-saving deals in store when you shop at PCH online. Of course, no purchase is necessary to enter and win the exciting PCH Sweepstakes.

If you have yet to discover the rewards of the PCH shopping experience, why not give us a try today? You’ve got nothing to lose, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you’re already a customer of PCH merchandise, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Jane M.
PCH Creative


  1. Ordered and received small, metal type drum. Relaxing sound. I have played it for several days. Oh, by the way it’s for my grandchildren. Thank you PCH. I may have to get another one.

  2. Wish I could do all of the above and then some! I’m alot like Brad though. Here’s hoping for all of us to get through COVID broke!

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