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It’s April Fool’s – but Our Prizes Are No Joke!

Spring has sprung, and so have a host of new ways to win here at PCH. But first, let’s celebrate the day of pranks by finding your new winner nickname!

Do You Have a Nickname?

I’ve been called a number of things over the years – Houg, Hougster, Huffnagel – all thanks to my, ahem, challenging maiden name. That’s not nearly as fun, though, as finding out what your winner nickname would be!

Take a look at our chart above and choose your birth month from the left column first, then your favorite color from the column on the right. Mine is “Huge Wallet Gravy Train,” which I much prefer to “Huffnagel.” Some other winners from our editorial staff include “Pennies From Heaven Cash Queen” and the most excellent “Bling Bling Bucks Galore.” Let’s find your funny nickname, then go share it on our  FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Why Do We Even Do April Fool’s Day?

The exact origins of the day are unclear, but people have been pulling pranks on April 1 for centuries. Historians guess that it dates back to around 1582, when France adopted the Gregorian calendar. Suddenly the new year began on January 1, not the spring solstice, but some people didn’t get the news. Those folks were called “April fools” and got paper fish or “kick me” signs stuck to their backs. Today it’s more of a marketing and advertising thing than anything else, so maybe don’t go around kicking your friends.

So Many Ways to Win!

Our $5,000 a week “forever” sweepstakes is over for this year, but we’re not done yet! Now you can enter to win $7,000 for life just by visiting our homepage. Of course, that’s not the only way to win – check out weekly grand prizes, collect tokens by playing our quizzes and clicking through fascinating slideshows, and much, much more. Don’t forget to share your nickname, and happy winning!

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