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“Yeehaw!” Halloween Brought Only Treats To Bruce S. Of North Carolina

The pouring rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Howie Guja and Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol as they stepped onto the porch of Bruce Saunders in Mocksville, NC. It was Halloween, but there was no trick here – only one HUGE treat! Incredulous, Bruce opened the door, saying, “Oh my god, I’m about […]

Play Quizzes, Collect Tokens, Get A Chance To Win Big!

PCH fans, we see you out there! We know you love tokens. Like, LOVE them. So here’s an idea: Why not try a fun and, dare we say, informative way to collect them with our PCH Quizzes? Here’s the deal, my friends. Complete any of our 20-question quizzes and you’ll get 200 tokens for every […]

Amy C. from Millington, MI Proves Why You Should Always Be In It To Win It!

Howie and Dave with the Prize Patrol ran into a bit of traffic before pulling up to Amy Collins’ driveway in Millington, Michigan. When they finally arrived, Dave prepared the balloons and the champagne while Howie manned the Big Check about to be delivered into Amy’s hands. The air simmered with excitement! Amy answered the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! You Could Win $25,000 Cash!

PCH Fans, we are wishing you the happiest of happy days this Valentine’s Day and sending you lots of love and lucky thoughts! This week’s Grand Prize is $25,000 CASH! Enter here — because you’ll never win if you don’t play! What Would You Do With $25,000?? 🛫 Plan your summer vacation… Europe? Mexico? Tahiti? […]

#Winner Wednesday: Nicholas A. Wins Big Playing The PCH App!

Imagine Winning Not One But TWO Prizes? Danielle and the PCH Prize Patrol traveled to sunny, windy Phoenix, Arizona recently to deliver some GREAT news to Nicholas Anderson. She had no idea if he’d even be home! With balloons and not one but TWO Big Prizes in her hand, she greeted a shocked Nicholas at […]

#WinnerWednesday: Playing Every Day Paid Off For Holland W. Of Exmore, VA

Entering PCH sweepstakes every day really DOES pay off, as Holland Wilgus Jr. found out! When Howie Guja and the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol arrived at his home in Exmore, Virginia to give him the happy news, they were greeted at the door by Holland’s husband, Robert. Howie had a bottle of champagne in one […]