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#Winner Wednesday: Nicholas A. Wins Big Playing The PCH App!

Imagine Winning Not One But TWO Prizes?

Danielle and the PCH Prize Patrol traveled to sunny, windy Phoenix, Arizona recently to deliver some GREAT news to Nicholas Anderson. She had no idea if he’d even be home!

With balloons and not one but TWO Big Prizes in her hand, she greeted a shocked Nicholas at the door. Of course as always, PCH didn’t tell Nicholas he’d won anything, so he was totally taken off guard to see her on his porch. “Guess what?” she told him. “You just won a brand-new Ford Edge ST!”

But THAT WASN’T ALL. Nicholas had a tough choice to make – take the car, or take the check in Danielle’s hand for the car’s worth: over $47,000!! “That’s awesome,” he said. “I’m just in shock!”

While he’s played the PCH word game for a long time, his new favorite way to play is on the PCH app, which has many more games and easy ways to enter – which he does every day! “It’s real,” Nicholas says. “That’s the best thing I can say. I just did it as something to do that was easy and now I can’t believe you’re here!”

Do People Really Win Publishers Clearing House?

We get this question all the time. We have only one answer: YES! We give away cash and prizes just about every day of the week, and you can read the inspiring and happy stories about previous winners here on the blog. Then, get back to entering!

So Many Ways To Win!

Looking for more fun ways to collect tokens and enter PCH sweepstakes? If you take any of our brain-tickling, 20-question quizzes at PCHquizzes, you’ll score 200 tokens for each correct answer — that’s a whopping 4,000 tokens per quiz for answering 100% correctly! You can also peruse a short, entertaining slideshow at PCHfrontpage and, if you click through to another slideshow, you’ll bank 1,000 tokens. Pretty easy, right? You’re welcome!

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  1. I just love the encouragement these comments bring. And I love PCH trying to give away $1M every month last year in 2022. I watch the videos and love seeing the picture of the Hawaii guy [hopefully the Prize Patrol got to actually travel there and stay an extra day]. Like Kurt H. says God Bless and Good Luck to us all!