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Happy Valentine’s Day! You Could Win $25,000 Cash!

PCH Fans, we are wishing you the happiest of happy days this Valentine’s Day and sending you lots of love and lucky thoughts! This week’s Grand Prize is $25,000 CASH! Enter here — because you’ll never win if you don’t play!

What Would You Do With $25,000??

? Plan your summer vacation… Europe? Mexico? Tahiti?

? Pay off that pesky credit card

? Buy a new car (or surprise your SO with one!)

?️ Update your living room or kitchen

? Bet it all on triple 7s! (just kidding, probably don’t do that)

Is Winning CASH From Publishers Clearing House Possible? For Real?

In just one word, YES. If you follow us on Facebook or other social media, you’ll see we give away cash prizes and much more all the time across the country. Every week there is a new Weekly Grand Prize, from Big Checks (that’s cold, hard cash-ola, to you and me) to cars to fancy trips.

Enter as many times as you can for better chances of the Prize Patrol showing up at your door, which they love to do! Remember, it’s always a surprise! And why not sign up to be a PCH VIP? It’s always FREE and gives you access to all of our ways to win.

How Can I Collect More Entries For The Weekly Grand Prize?

One GREAT way to get more entries for the Weekly Grand Prize, every single week, is by playing Wordmania. Wordmania is a fun, simple word game that will have you leveling up every chance you get – and banking Weekly Grand Prize entries while you do it! Check out our blog post here to learn more about Wordmania. Android users, click here, and iPhone users, click here to download Wordmania with Steve Harvey and start winning big today!

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  1. Go on and enter like this PCH winner! Congratulations on #nevergivingup!
    #noregrets #EPICWIN #can’twinifudon’tplay.

    I am an optimist, ? blessed to have been born this way! I started playing 10 years ago, when I started to get sober. So I am a Winner! And I keep playing because Miracles do happen everyday! ? Love & Light ? to all, Always!