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Weekly Grand Prize: Win $20,000 CASH!

This week’s grand prize is $20,000 CASH! The last day to enter is Monday, October 3, so enter now to make sure you’ve secured your chance to win. Imagine what you could do with a cash prize, so act fast and it could be in your hands in no time!

How Would You Spend $20,000 CASH?

🚗 Go on a weekend getaway, visit relatives or go out for a nice meal!

💰Say “goodbye” to bills or save for something special

🏡 Redecorate, fix what’s broken or just add something extra

🏖 Spend time at the beach or take a spa day

✏️ Go on a “back to school” shopping spree

Can I Really Win A Cash Prize From Publishers Clearing House?

We’ll keep it simple for you: yep, you can. We give away cash and prizes to folks just like you, all over the country, all the time! Our Weekly Grand Prize changes every week. It could be a car, a cool trip, or cold, hard cash (in the form of a big check, of course)! We’ve even made a millionaire every month…how cool is that? Check out their winning stories here on the blog!

The Prize Patrol loves visiting you and bringing smiles to your face when they present that big check – so make sure you enter as much as you can! If you’re not already signed up to be a PCH VIP, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE, and you’ll get access to all the great games and entertainment that PCH has to offer.

There’s Always A Weekly Prize Up For Grabs!

Don’t worry – if you missed your chance to win this prize, you can always visit our Weekly Grand Prize page to find out what prize is waiting to be won this week! New prizes drop every Tuesday. And don’t forget to bank your tokens so you have plenty to enter with – try one of our fun quizzes to collect 4,000 tokens when you get 100% correct!

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  1. I so hope and pray everyday that the Prize Patrol shows up at my door with Lil Chuck 🐕one day.
    Even though I have already won $5000 from PCH which was such a huge blessing too and came at the the most needed time I STILL love playing and entering everyday all day and won’t give up because I’m still DREAMIMG of that day when I Win the Super prize one day🙏🙏
    Would completely bless and change me and my families life forever!!
    Really would be nice to just buy a home instead of renting all my life.
    Because just moved here into my new home 🏠and now in March they want to raise our rent to 900😮 because it’s a new owner now so that really is stressful thinking about moving around that time and doing all this myself again. Gonna have to work 2 jobs again just so that we can make it.😞
    I have my 9 yr old son my mom that has diabetes my brother that also has medical issues and my 2 doggies that I take care and worry about everyday.😞
    Just praying that one day
    God can BLESS me and finally be stress free!!

  2. PCH; I would like to express my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with in life my children especially. But for all the little things to the big that we may not realize just how important it is but yet we all have the privilege of having. I have been very loving and giving to all I’ve came in contact with my heart has no limit when it comes to helping out the next even if I can’t u still strive to find away possible to extend my helping hand for it brings me joy to know I’ve helped some one in need not only have I been helpful to friends and family but new peers whom crossed my path as well I truly will go above to help a friend in need because the empathy I feel to know when someone is in grief or hard times. I do this at no favor in return or to gain anything I simply just love to see the Relief of stress it is upon their faces. This year has been a hardship for me due to my financial matters. I hope to WIN this would be an Amazing turn around for me!

  3. Please PCH I want to win this money really bad. I got bill to pay. I’m having baby, my dad is not doing well, I want go back to school. Please help me I do anything to win this

    1. Hi Saiquan! Make sure you keep entering for your chance to become a lucky winner. Commenting on the blog will not secure entries into our many exciting giveaways. Click here to see how to claim your entries each day: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  4. I’m new to how
    to use my points. if I bid on something and don’t get it do I get my points back that I bid with?

    1. Hi Janet! Thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us by phone at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at between Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 11 PM & Saturday 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. We look forward to hearing from you.

  5. I noticed why it takes so long for a new notice to show up,, last one was about a week old ??
    I mean a new blog

    Oh lord hear my prayers
    Pch I would love to see you…