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Weekly Grand Prize: Win $20,000 CASH!

This week’s grand prize means you could win $20000 CASH! The last day to enter is Monday, November 21, so enter now to make sure you’ve secured your chance to win. Imagine what you could do with a cash prize! Act fast and it could be in your hands in no time!

How Would You Spend $20,000 CASH?

What will you do if you win $20,000 cash?

? Go on a weekend getaway, visit relatives or go out for a nice meal!

?Say “goodbye” to bills or save for something special

? Redecorate, fix what’s broken or just add something extra

?‍♀️ Enjoy a spa day with a friend

⛷ Upgrade your winter sports gear

Can I Really Win Cash Prizes From Publishers Clearing House?

We’ll keep it simple for you: yep, you can. We give away cash prizes to folks just like you, all over the country, all the time! Our Weekly Grand Prize changes every week. It could be a car, a cool trip, or cold, hard cash (in the form of a big check, of course)! We’ve even made a millionaire every month…how cool is that? Check out their winning stories here on the blog!

The Prize Patrol loves visiting you and bringing smiles to your face when they present that big check – so make sure you enter as much as you can! If you’re not already signed up to be a PCH VIP, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE, and you’ll get access to all the great games and entertainment that PCH has to offer.

There’s Always A Weekly Prize Up For Grabs!

Don’t worry – if you missed your chance to win this prize, you can always visit our Weekly Grand Prize page to find out what prize is waiting to be won this week! New prizes drop every Tuesday. And don’t forget to bank your tokens so you have plenty to enter with – try one of our fun quizzes to collect 4,000 tokens when you get 100% correct!

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  1. I would love to win. I’ve been playing PCH for many years and haven’t won anything. Still playing and will continue playing as maybe one day I can win something.

  2. PCH, I want to know on this 20k cash sweepstakes redeeming tokens, if I redeem many millions of tokens and then come back later and redeem more millions of tokens, does that cancel out the tokens I entered before? Or will the more tokens I add give me more over all tokens to win? Also is it a better chances to winning a prize by the amount I redeem ( entered )? See I think the more you enter the better the chances but I notice it’s a random drawing. So I could put 10 million tokens and lose to someone who entered 1 time right? So all those hours is wasted time or isn’t it? Been entering since 2002 , and haven’t had any luck ?. Also I was asked if I had won PCH prize because they seen my name that I had won the big prize in Monroe Michigan, I was at the grocery store when I was asked, I said no lol I wish, then my wife was asked at her job that if I had won the PCH super prize? She told her no lol. My wife was at work and said I wouldn’t be working if he won. Ya they seen my name on face book that I had won 7k a week for life ? ? . This has been with in the last month or so . So could maybe you look into it ? I haven’t seen it myself. Thank you

    1. Hi Jeff! Any new tokens entered are simply additional entries and will not cancel out the tokens you’ve already submitted. For more information on using tokens please check our FAQ here: Please be advised that we do not notify our big winners that way. All of our major winners are awarded in person by our famous Prize Patrol with no prior warning, so you’ll never find out via a “winners list.” That sounds like a scam, so please be careful. The real PCH doesn’t notify our major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask for money to claim a prize. Please report any details you have about that scam contact to us at this link: I also encourage you to check out these Safety Tips for some great info on what to watch for: Stay safe everyone!!

  3. I’ve been playing for 7 years and never won anything and I new this was going to be my year. But the year is ending and I won nothing guess I’ll try next year.

      1. Hey!

        Keep the faith. Tangie just won $100,000 and she hasn’t been entering for very long. Anything can happen.

        I’ve been entering for decades with only a few small wins during the entire time. However, I have nothing to lose by entering and only something good to gain.

        Good Luck to you!