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Does PCH Notify Winners Before Showing Up at the Door? NO!

Hello, PCH fans and friends! We want to remind you of an important thing to remember about WINNING BIG.

“Is This for Real?”

Let’s say you’re sitting in front of the TV after a long day, taking it easy watching your favorite show, when the phone rings. You look down at the caller ID and jump right out of your seat. Is this for real? Could it possibly be??

Can you believe it, they say they are Publishers Clearing House! Calling with news about your BIG PRIZE! Did you really just win One Million Dollars?

HOLD UP, don’t fall for that call! Scammers LOVE to try to trick people (like you, loyal PCHers) with advance notifications about winning prizes or big money from PCH. It’s one of the most common scams we see around here.

That’s right, buddy!

How We DON’T Contact You

Besides calling you on the phone, scammers will send texts and email, or even privately message people to tell them they’ve won. Would you believe some scammers go so far as to mail phony letters with fake checks inside? PCH never does any of those things, so that’s how you can recognize it’s a scam.

Also, do NOT answer a friend request from Danielle or Howie – the Prize Patrol and PCH don’t send friend requests. We do happily interact with fans on our official blue-check social pages (just don’t post any of your personal info there!).

So Let’s Say It Once More…

Publishers Clearing House will NEVER notify winners of major prizes ahead of time. NEVER. You’ll know you’re being scammed if you receive a phone call, text or other alert from someone claiming to be PCH with a Big Check with your name on it. Chances are they’re going to ask YOU to send THEM money in order to claim the prize.

Remember, at Publishers Clearing House, winning is 100% FREE. ALWAYS. We will NEVER call you asking for money to claim winnings. Don’t fall for the friend request from someone masquerading as a Prize Patrol member. It’s FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

Remember, there’s only ONE WAY to find out if you’ve won a SuperPrize from PCH – if the Prize Patrol shows up at your door with a Big Check in your name! Scammers are smarter and more relentless than ever, so we urge you to stay safe and vigilant, and never EVER respond to a notification that you’ve won a prize or answer a friend request. We can’t emphasize it enough!

We’re all In It to Win It… but safely!

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