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Weekly Grand Prize: Win $25,000 Cash!

This week’s grand prize is $25,000 CASH! The last day to enter is Monday, February 13, so enter now to make sure you’ve secured your chance to win. Imagine what you could do with a cash prize, so act fast and it could be in your hands in no time!

How Would You Spend $25,000 CASH?

? Enjoy a romantic getaway with your sweetheart

? Take a few hours off with a couples massage

? Treat your spouse to a special meal

?Say “goodbye” to bills

? Pay off your car

Can I Really Win A Cash Prize From Publishers Clearing House?

We’ll keep it simple for you: yep, you can. We give away cash and prizes to folks just like you, all over the country, all the time! Our Weekly Grand Prize changes every week. It could be a car, a cool trip, or cold, hard cash (in the form of a big check, of course)! We’ve even made a millionaire every month…how cool is that? Check out their winning stories here on the blog!

The Prize Patrol loves visiting you and bringing smiles to your face when they present that big check – so make sure you enter as much as you can! If you’re not already signed up to be a PCH VIP, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE, and you’ll get access to all the great games and entertainment that PCH has to offer.

How Can I Collect More Entries For The Weekly Grand Prize?

One GREAT way to get more entries for the Weekly Grand Prize, every single week, is by playing Wordmania. Wordmania is a fun, simple word game that will have you leveling up every chance you get – and banking Weekly Grand Prize entries while you do it! Check out our blog post here to learn more about Wordmania. Android users, click here, and iPhone users, click here to download Wordmania with Steve Harvey and start winning big today!

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  1. I would so appreciate winning gwy no. 21600 to help me move my wife out of our house to a home that is all on 1 floor. Our house now has up stairs and basement stairs and my wife has fallen down both of them. We have been LUCKY that she has only gotten bruised, although she fell on the ice 1 early morning and broke her arm at the shoulder ball & socket.
    I would still feel alone safer with us both on 1 floor. I just turned 80 and she is a year and a half younger than I, thank you. We really appreciate what PCH has already doing for us or what seems to have started to night!