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“Yeehaw!” Halloween Brought Only Treats To Bruce S. Of North Carolina

The pouring rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Howie Guja and Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol as they stepped onto the porch of Bruce Saunders in Mocksville, NC. It was Halloween, but there was no trick here – only one HUGE treat!

Incredulous, Bruce opened the door, saying, “Oh my god, I’m about to pass out!” and looked into the camera. “Hello, everybody!” He then introduced his wife of 33 years, Susie, who stood at the door with her hands over her mouth in amazement as Dave told them it was their lucky day. “You’ve won a MILLION DOLLARS!” The couple nearly collapsed in astonishment and joy!

Being Halloween, could it have been a trick instead of a treat? When the friendly former truck driver saw the Prize Patrol outside, he recognized them immediately. “I knew this wasn’t a trick. I said, ‘Susie… they’re here.’”

Dave asked Susie if she ever teased Bruce about playing PCH games. “No,” she answered. “I say, if you don’t have your name in it, you know you’re not going to win it” — a very true statement indeed!

Bruce and Susie have been entering PCH’s free online sweepstakes for an incredible 37 years, and it finally paid off. He’s been on disability since 2003, Susie has health issues and the couple have four kids and 13 grandchildren, so the money will definitely come in handy. Along with helping with medical bills, fixing his lawnmower and helping family members, he nodded toward Susie. “I’d like to get me some teeth and take her out for steak!”

As the shock still hit him, he started dancing around on the porch. “Yeehaw! I won a million bucks!” Don’t shake up that champagne TOO much, Bruce!

Do People Really Win Publishers Clearing House?

We get this question all the time. We have only one answer: YES! We give away cash and prizes just about every day of the week, and you can read the inspiring and happy stories about previous winners here on the blog. Then, get back to entering!

So Many Ways To Win!

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  1. I received a phone call from Robert Scott who says that I have won a prize. I can’t find any contact info on the website. I am posting this here, that someone might see it…