Ho Ho Holiday Shopping Is Jolly With Our PCH Merchandise Lineup!

If you’re like me you might find yourself approaching the holidays with mixed feelings of joy, excitement … and PANIC.  And it’s all because of the holiday shopping that needs to be done, usually by a tight deadline. I feel that I’m not alone on this one. Am I right? There’s always the anxiety of […]

The Company With the “Cardboard Check Sweepstakes!”

 • “Are you the company with the Big Check?”  • “Oooh, I know – you do the Cardboard Check Sweepstakes!”   • “I see your TV commercials with the Sweepstakes and the Cardboard Check all the time!” These are some of the excited responses I get when people find out I work for Publishers Clearing […]

It’s almost winter. Dreaming of your best beach vacation?

Wow, Thanksgiving is in just days — can winter be far behind?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to escape the chilly winds and dig your toes into the warm sand of a beautiful, sun-drenched beach?  Come on … let’s find the perfect beach for you! Let’s go beach-combing. Can you picture yourself on these beach vacations? […]

Cold Weather Recipes That’ll Warm You From The Inside Out!

The weather outside is getting chilly PCH fans! Soon enough the last of the leaves will have fallen and we’ll be snuggled up inside with some blankets and maybe even a toasty fire in the fireplace. Even though I am a summer weather girl at heart, I do enjoy this time of year for one […]

These Real Lotto Winners All Played For FREE!

Hey Blog Readers, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of state lotto winners on TV, online and in the paper. And I’m sure when you’ve seen them, they’re smiling bright, as happy as can be. But their faces aren’t telling you the whole story, because all those state winners, big and small, have one thing in […]

7 Tips For Getting Higher Scores When You Play Jigsaw Puzzles

Playing online jigsaw puzzles can be just as fun as traditional puzzles, but with a couple of important benefits. First, when you play jigsaw puzzles online with PCHgames, you know every puzzle, every day, is 100 percent free. Plus, there’s no chance that you’ll lose an important piece, so you know you can complete every […]

#WinnerWednesday: These Folks Said “I Want to Win PCH”!

Greetings, fans and friends! How many times have you said, “I want to win PCH”? Given that you’re a PCH fan and that you enjoy entering the PCH Sweepstakes, I reckon the answer is “a lot”! Well, all the people featured in this week’s #WinnerWednesday blog said “I want to win PCH” and guess what? They […]

Behind The Scenes With Real Publishers Clearing House Winners!

Last week, I told you about my first trip as a traveling interviewer for our new “Inside PCH” live show! These segments show follow-up “Where Are They Now?” interviews with real Publishers Clearing House winners! It airs weekly on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, every Tuesday at 2pm EST.  If you haven’t seen it […]

If You’re Asking “How will I know if I won the SuperPrize?”, We’ll Tell You How!

Good morning, everyone! As many of you know, here at PCH, it’s our duty and our goal to surprise and delight you all! We want to provide as many SuperPrize opportunities to all the fans because, well, we want to have as many winners as possible! It’s so exciting for us to travel the country […]

Play Keno For Free at Publishers Clearing House!

Do you like casino games? Do you get excited when you see a keno card? What if I told you that there was a place for you to play keno for free — ALL DAY? Not only that, but this place has a live keno drawing every twenty minutes! Interested? Good! Then check out the all-new […]