#WinnerWednesday: Lots Of People Win PCH Prizes!

Greetings, fans and friends! Welcome to another exciting edition of #WinnerWednesday, where twice a month on the PCH Blog we spotlight winners of smaller PCH prizes. (You can also check out our #WinnerWednesday posts every Wednesday on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook. Now, you’re probably wondering how I find the PCH winners to spotlight […]

Be Sure To Get On The FINAL Winner Selection List!

What’s this? And how do I get on it? If you have ever wondered what it means to get onto the PCH Winner Selection list, I’m here to clarify it for you. And once I’ve done that, you should realize that, YES, you want to get onto it! What Is It? The Winner Selection List […]

The Winners of Giveaway #8800! Could You Be Next?

It’s time to celebrate! Giveaway #8800 is coming to an end, so we thought we’d look back at all of the winners who have made this prize number so special. What is a Giveaway number? A Giveaway number is a special number assigned to each and every sweepstakes here at Publishers Clearing House. Since we have […]

Day of 1,000 Winners Event! Today Only, So Hurry!

Hi everyone. Today is a great day; you know why? Because today is the first ever PCH DAY OF 1,000 WINNERS event! It’s gonna be great, and like the name implies, lots of winners are guaranteed! But time is of the essence for this 1-day only event, so I’ll make this quick! PCH’s very first […]

Honoring the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

This may be one of the best topics ever for a #MotivationalMonday! So many of Dr. King’s messages are filled with motivational thoughts, and his words continue to resonate around the world, everywhere hope is more valued than fear. Reminders of Dr. King dot the landscape of America, ensuring that children of future generations will […]

Two Good Wins For The Goodwins!

The Goodwin Family was down on their luck recently, until Jane Goodwin won $1 Million from Publishers Clearing House on August 31st, 2017! You see – Jane told us she had never won anything in her entire life, so when we came to surprise her with a $1 Million, she was overwhelmed with joy and […]

On A Scale of 1-10, How High Would Your Scream Be If You Won?

You’ve imagined what your reaction would be like if you won a “Big Check” from Publishers Clearing House; opening the door and seeing the Prize Patrol there… taking photos with Danielle, Howie, Dave, and Todd… the questions they’d ask you and the answers you’d give them! Now, have you ever wondered how high your scream […]

Wait Till You See What Our December Token Exchange Winners Won!

I’m really impressed with all the amazing prizes our December winners put under their trees when they “cashed in” their Tokens for chances to win at our PCH Rewards Token Exchange . FREE Prizes and Gift Cards And Cash … Oh My! Our December Token Exchange winners didn’t wait for Santa to bring them an […]

Free Online Arcade Games Available at PCH

Free Online Arcade Games Available At PCH Publishers Clearing House is where you can rediscover all of your favorite arcade games and potentially win prizes playing them. We have a wide selection of arcade classics and they’re all absolutely free to play. Just register for a free account today and you can play as much […]

Top 7 (Or More) Reasons to Become a PCH VIP

All you need to do is hear those three little letters – VIP – and you know you’re in for something special. Here at Publishers Clearing House, we make sure our VIPs get preferential treatment, access to bonus/exclusive contests and rewards, and so much more! In fact, PCH recently enhanced its existing VIP Elite program […]