PCH Friends … Please Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Picture this … you’re at home when you hear a knock at the door. You answer it and discover the world-famous Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol ready to present you with flowers, balloons, champagne and a “Big Check” — just like on TV! It couldn’t get any better than that…. Actually, it COULD get better […]

An Unexpected Wedding Present from Publishers Clearing House

On September 7th the PCH Prize Patrol was on the road to surprise another lucky winner with $10,000.00 – Scott Kent!  This time we were on our way to New Hampshire, a place I personally have never been, so I was very excited. After a smooth flight from New York and an easy time finding […]

PCHlotto: I Thought I Knew How to Win $1,000.00 CASH!

Ok… so, we all know that PCHlotto has 3 BIG prize drawings every night – for the SuperCard Jackpot, Fast Cash, and the Progressive Jackpot up to $500.00. And… we also know that after you play all your cards at PCHlotto, you get an Instant-Win cash prize scratch card — where we have winners every […]

First Time’s a Charm For Ray Randall!

According to the old adage, practice makes perfect. But Ray Randall became a Publishers Clearing House winner the first time he entered! How’s that for good luck? Eighty-one year old Ray has been retired from Nabisco for 32 years and lives with his wife in Twin Falls, Idaho. He has received letters from Publishers Clearing […]

A $10,000.00 Family Surprise in Texas

On August 30th Wanda Bosh went about her day, never expecting that a HUGE surprise from Publishers Clearing House would be waiting at her door. The PCH Prize Patrol stood knocking on Wanda’s front door in Dallas, Texas, saddened when we realized nobody was home. While defaulting to our usual plan B – asking the […]