PCH Sweepstakes Winner in Amarillo Went From Dining to Dancing

I just read “The Worst Hard Time,” by Timothy Egan, subtitled “The untold story of those who survived the Great American Dust Bowl.”   It’s a book that recounts ambitious settlers’ reckless stripping of native grasses from the High Plains in the early decades of the 20th century.  Left vulnerable to erosive winds that blew deadly […]

PCHblog Comments Issue Has Been Fixed!

Update from 8/10: The comments issue has been resolved so that you can now leave comments on the PCHblog without registering with WordPress! Soon you will be able to register with WordPress, Facebook or Twitter and leave comments with those accounts. Hi PCHblog readers, We’ve been informed that the PCHblog comments are not working properly. […]

How to Enter the PCH Sweepstakes Online

Knowing how to enter the PCH Sweepstakes could change your life, if you win, and online sweepstakes entry is easy! What would you do if you won $5000 A Week for the rest of your life? Personally, I would throw a big party with a live band and a bouncy house, and then probably look […]

The New PCHblog – We’re Looking for Your Feedback!

Today we’re launching the new PCHBlog. As you may remember a few months ago we posted a special peek at the new PCHblog logo design (If you missed it, you can find it here). After months of hard work, we’re finally at the point where we can share the exciting new design and features with you, our loyal blog readers!

Don’t Forget ‘Enter the PCH Sweepstakes’ on Your Back to School To Do List

Where is the summer going? It seems to go by faster and faster every year. Before you know it, it will be September! Here’s a short Back to School To Do List of things to take care of in August before the summer gets away from you: Get school supplies and back to school clothes […]

The Sound of Sweepstakes Money – From Publishers Clearing House

A New York Times crossword puzzle a few days ago had the simple clue “Ka-ching.” The answer was — as you might guess –“the sound of money.” I’d prefer “the sound of sweepstakes money” but we can’t have it all! I can think of another clue that would elicit the same “sound of money” answer. […]

Gone Fishin’ – For Online Sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House

This time of year, you might be shopping on Main Street and see a sign in a store window that says “Gone fishin’. See you in September.” That’s understandable. Some businesses really slow down in the dog days of August, and those merchants really deserve some R & R. I encourage YOU to go fishin’ […]