Winning Moments; How do They Happen?

Winning is invigorating; it’s a moment where you feel like nothing can stop you. And nobody knows what winning is like more than Publishers Clearing House, who offers huge prizes like $5,000 a week for life or $1,000,000. Although I’ve only won a $25 gift card from Bloomingdales out of a vending machine at one […]

2011 Off to A Sweepstakes Winning Start For A Lucky Missouri Woman

Winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes sure changed Malenda Gibson’s luck. 2011 did NOT get off to a very good start for Missouri resident Malenda Gibson. On New Year’s Day one of her several dogs, a rather large barrel shaped one, got in Malenda’s way and caused her to fall over him and — WHAM […]

Lottery: PCH Vs. Mega Millions

On January 4, 2011, out of the thousands or maybe millions of lottery fans who invested their money, time and effort into entering the lottery, two of them won The Mega Millions Jackpot. The prize was split between the two lottery winners who lived in Washington and Idaho, respectively.

Pyramid Solitaire PCHgames Online Tournament

It’s time for another exciting online tournament from PCHgames. This one-day tournament features one of our most popular online games, Pyramid Solitaire. Try to dismantle the pyramid shaped pile of cards to win the game in this exciting version of solitaire! The cards are dealt with 21 cards into a 6 row pyramid shape, starting with […]

Playing Pyramid Solitaire Online at

I love online games, especially when they are easy to pick up. That can definitely be said for PCHgames Pyramid Solitaire Online Game. What is Pyramid Solitare? As the name suggests, your cards are set up in a “pyramid” in a random order. The object of the game is to remove all the cards by […]

Online Music Fans Should Use PCHSearchandWin today!

Being the ex- Music Director of my college radio station, I love keeping tabs on the online music industry. I remember back in 2010, while driving to Manhattan in the passenger’s seat, I noticed The Beatles posing on a stark white billboard. On top of the revolutionary band, next to an Apple logo, I read the […]

PCH blog fans: An easier way to read the PCH Blog.

PCH has been synonymous with magazines ever since Harold Mertz, LuEsther Mertz and their daughter, Joyce Mertz-Gilmore sold subscriptions for rock-bottom prices in 1953. Since then, magazines have only been part of the equation; Publishers Clearing House offers plenty of things including gifts, home products, and most importantly; dreams of winning millions of dollars in prizes! […]