The New Xbox Kinect Giveaway from PCHSearchandWin

Tomorrow’s Xbox Kinect giveaway is only one of the new contests PCHSearchandWin going to have this month! As soon as we got hold of New Xbox Kinect as a giveaway prize, PCHSearchandWin put the Nintendo Wii giveaway on hold and decided to give all of you Xbox fans a way to win the Xbox Kinect. But […]

A GRAMMY® Winning Moment vs. A PCH Winning Moment

Memorable Grammy winning moments – much like the winning moments PCH is famous for – filled the star-studded 53rd Annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday. To get the evening started, Lady Gaga made an extravagant entrance when she arrived to the event in a big plastic egg. The PCH Prize Patrol knows a thing or […]

$1 Million A Year For Life May Cause A Leap For Joy on February 28th!

It May Not Be Leap Year But You Could Leap For Joy on February 28th! 2011 is not a Leap Year; indeed, February 29th will not show up on our calendars until 2012. But for the person who wins the newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize this February 28th there will certainly be cause for leaping […]

A Dozen Roses for Valentine’s Day and Other Very Special Occasions

A dozen roses says, “I love you!” to someone special on Valentine’s Day. A presentation bouquet of roses is also a wonderful way to congratulate a Publishers Clearing House major prize winner.

From $1 Million in 1988 to $1 Million A Year for Life in 2011

Re-visiting the $1 Million PCH sweepstakes winners who gave birth to the Prize Patrol If you’ve been around for over two decades I don’t have to tell you that a lot of things can change over the years. Back in the late 1980’s you probably didn’t have a computer, the internet as we know it didn’t […]

$10,000 St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes Is All Green

The $10,000 St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes entry opportunities are being delivered so make sure to keep an eye out. People from all over the U.S. and Ireland try to keep the luck of St. Patrick’s Day on their side in all sorts of ways (usually in ways that involve overusing the color green). Turns out […]

Does $1000 Prize Winner Owe Win to Buddhist Chant?

Before he was a $1000 PCHSearchandWin Prize Winner,  Richard R. From Nashua, NH used PCHSearchandWin “most every day” for almost 4 years! After being contacted by the PCH Winner Outreach Program, Richard shared his experience leading up to his winning moment in the following story: “A few days before I won the PCH Search contest, […]