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  1. Yes i want to win$7000 aek for life and $5000 a eekforlife i want to claim and respond to all I on in PCH superprize and superlotto prizesclaim all prizesa d give aaway from PCH

  2. Im Jaboris Rashard Cannady & I fully Claim my prize number FC168.8800.1600.4900.1100.LP999
    Definitely want to win the 7,0000 life award. That make all my dreams come True…

  3. I know when think i could win its alot of mixed emotions!
    Where would i begin if i did win? Would i be able to speak or breath! Sure why not let some one else do the talking for a change! While i hold the check! Rember to be thankful for the blessing above and beyond all else!

  4. I have been playing forever, and I have never won not one penny, although I have spent a lot of money on purchases. I am in my eighths I pray that I will have a chance to experience
    this soon.

  5. I Essie Snyder would like to know Want I need to do in order to winner 2 times 7,000.00 a week for life super prize no. 16000. Thank you, Essie

  6. I legit am struggling trying to give my kids the life they deserve I’ve worked are n continue to work hard, I’ve been married nearly 10years with 4 children, I’ve been faithfully submitting for everything even the smallest prize would be a tremendous help for my family, I would all go to my wife and I’s children cause they deserve to be blessed with out having to worry about anything cause the world is in a downward spiral ATM and a win like this would uplift all 6 of us more than you could possibly know hopefully someone in the pch headquarters sees this n truly understands enough to believe what I am writing hate to sound like a beggar n usually I don’t EVER but I’d do anything for my family at any givin moment, thank you for the opportunity PCH hopefully some day me and my family get a chance to meet you all!!?

    Much love,
    and best of luck to everyone!!

    Sam Rizzo III,
    and Family 💝