Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. Hello everyone.
    It would be nice to win something for a change. Single mother two kids. Work all the time. I lost my mom about 16 years ago. I lost my father two years ago. I worked all my life caring for others.
    It would be nice to win 7,000 A week for life.

    1. Everyday there is something going on in each and everyone of our lives.Good or bad. Loss of loved one. I just lost my Mom and Dad. Mom was 59. So its all about computer generated numbers who win. I wish you all the best and it is pretty normal to be nice you to others

  2. I sure would like to be on a photo wall for PCH. My mother always told me “We are not lucky for winning money”. My whole life this has been true. I sure would like to see this be untrue.

  3. I Martha Garcia would like to no what happen to my number that use to be my giveaway #6900. Now my number is #8800. Is this because I re-entry in it.