Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. I did win $1000 dollars only, I played everyday and one time I got a letter from PCH saying I had won $1000 dollars. I claim and I got the check 2 weeks after, I still have the check just for record. It is true you win, but I just wish I had won $1000 but forever. Since them I keep playing hopping to Win the big price one day soon.

    1. That’s great! Every entry has the same fair chance and all winners are randomly selected. There’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next so I encourage you to keep trying. Check out this FAQ for directions on how to enter and increase your chance: Good luck to you and all your sweepstakes entries. Have a wonderful day!

  2. WOW! Folks just think about how many persons are in the PCH ‘pool’ playing to win. Hmm… I mean the BIG Price…. evidently some one gets struck by the PCH lightening’s ZAP. Hmm.. the pictures displayed speaks volumes.

    So HIP-HIP-Hurray triage +1.

  3. Lead me up believing I was a
    important VIP that’s a joke. I worked for two months 8 to 9 hours a day playing games filling out entrances hoping that I would be the one that won The $1000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE. Boy what a let down.

    1. I’m feeling kinda the same way fr. I’ve been working my butt off. I’m disabled so imI not able to work,wo wo… But I felt like I was working kinda i understand.
      Just keep going forward and jjju keep trying. I’m elite also I felt”Special” nope just another number but unfortunately that’s life. So until I get something else better to do I’ll play the game lol.
      Good luck to you.
      Luana and Rob

  4. hi i want to win to bless others friends family and god’s kingdom blesings -zell , and to be on the winner’s wall