Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. WOW! Folks just think about how many persons are in the PCH ‘pool’ playing to win. Hmm… I mean the BIG Price…. evidently some one gets struck by the PCH lightening’s ZAP. Hmm.. the pictures displayed speaks volumes.

    So HIP-HIP-Hurray triage +1.

  2. Lead me up believing I was a
    important VIP that’s a joke. I worked for two months 8 to 9 hours a day playing games filling out entrances hoping that I would be the one that won The $1000.00 A DAY FOR LIFE. Boy what a let down.

    1. I’m feeling kinda the same way fr. I’ve been working my butt off. I’m disabled so imI not able to work,wo wo… But I felt like I was working kinda i understand.
      Just keep going forward and jjju keep trying. I’m elite also I felt”Special” nope just another number but unfortunately that’s life. So until I get something else better to do I’ll play the game lol.
      Good luck to you.
      Luana and Rob

  3. hi i want to win to bless others friends family and god’s kingdom blesings -zell , and to be on the winner’s wall