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Are You a Quiz Lover? Play Free, Fun Quizzes at PCHquizzes!

Hello, everyone! Remember the good old days of school and taking Math, Science, English and History classes? I know everyone has their favorite subjects and mine was always English closely followed by History. That’s why when I went to PCHquizzes to check out the quizzes they had, my eye instantly went to the “Can you […]


Do you love scratch games? Just about every PCH fan does. Our scratch cards are extremely popular and there are so many to choose from! Bright, colorful, bursting with excitement, PCH scratch games are a great way to have fun AND score tokens. In fact, did you know you can score up to 50,000 tokens […]

Introducing Wincredible – Our Newest Way To Win Big!

Hey Blog Readers, Do you like trivia? Do you like winning? Well, you’re going to love the Wincredible App! It’s the hottest new game from Publishers Clearing House and it could fill your pockets with cash in no time! Here’s how it works… First, you’ll want to start by playing Solo Games! Just pick your […]

Leveling Up is a Fun Way to Make the Most of PCH!

Play Games, Level Up, Go for Bigger & Better Prizes Want more rewards from the time you spend entering and playing at Publishers Clearing House? You’re in luck because there’s a fun, easy way for you to take your PCH experience to the next level! And the answer is to – literally – take your […]