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  1. Praying with hope and Faith to win. Yes I go to the search engine also, cash my tokens also and enter everyday and Make a purchase on the emails I get and in the mail. I pray that I am the winner this way I c an find a good neurologist for my Husband to help him with his cognitive Memory God says seek and ye shall find , knock and the door shall be open ask and ye shall receive. and with this winning I will use it for that purpose, and to get a good Dentist to five my Special needs daughter a beautiful smile cause so many Dentist do not want to handle Special needs children 🙁 I will also help my other 3 children to be stable in life and put a savings account for my grandchildren. and finally buy our first forever home that My Husband of 44 yrs has always dreamed of having a dream that He wanted for us before his forced retirement due to his illness. .I”m in it to win it ” this is why I always enter cause PCH is the house where Dreams come true!

  2. I want to claim $5,000 “a week”for life”at pch “danielle and howie and the rest of the prize patrol I would love to see you guys on my doorstep and you always welcome at my house with open arms. God bless pch. Carlos lopez

  3. I am praying we win the 15 Million Dollar Summer Prize as just this past April our entire savings portfolio was stolen by our investment guy, Rodney Allen, who they now know was doing a Ponzi scheme and his whereabouts, and the $, are yet to be found! We are devastated, with kids in and about to go to college, but are staying positive and I will keep entering to win and playing! Thank you! 🙂

  4. These videos made a lot of sense. I recommend everyone to take the time to view them. They help answer unanswered questions. Now I’m ready to continue to claim “MY” winning prize gwy #8800. Super Prize for 15 Million. I have worked hard for this prize and look forward into having some financial stability once and for all. No more asking local food pantries for assistance, no church voucher for electricity and family can all live comfortably. I can continue being mom and dad for my five children without counting on child support not being paid. I can get myself out of debt, donate to a few local charities, make sure my children’s education is covered. , and food will always be available for my family. No more struggles. Would love to travel and may be pamper myself since I’ve never been able to and invest in properties so that my loved ones will not ever suffer while I rest in peace with the man up above. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ guides pch prize patrol to our home. So that we can crank up the a.c. without worries of lights being cut off and finally move into a nice medium sized home. No more government assistance. Bless us dear God. We are a well deserved family. AMEN!❤

  5. Yes I Jesus Macias accept the offer $15 MILLION SUMMER event August 31 special early look Go PCH PRIZE PATROL ROCKS PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE GOD BLESS THE WORLD AMEN