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  1. I stil hoping and praying that oneday ill be next winner!! need my mobile home to fix a lot of damage so old..i share also my blessing lto kids have cancer and pets and i share to all my Family!!! When I’m WIN maybe speachless or jumping.. GOD BLESS FOR US EVERY!

  2. i did get an email that said they were going to award another chance for the 15M, and have heard nothing since????? The only winner i saw was for the 1M, not the 15, what gives? The latest giveaway has the same giveaway number as the 15M??? A tad confusing. Did the second chance go away?

    1. Hello Sherri, the 8800 giveaway is a Special Early Look event. During the life of a giveaway, we will hold these events to look to see if the winning SuperPrize number has been returned yet. If it hasn’t, we hold a random drawing for a $1Million second chance prize as is the case with our upcoming prize day. That’s what’s so great about an Early Look, even when the winning number isn’t received, we still have a winner! If the winning number isn’t returned during any of the Special Early Look events, then we will award the promoted prize on the end date of the giveaway…guaranteed! Since the winning SuperPrize number has not been returned, we will award the big prize on 8800. For more info on how a Special Early Look works, click here:

      1. How do you get selected to be a winner? How does all that work out someone recently told me I was a winner but they didn’t say how or why?

  3. I did not see who won the $15,000,000.00 I did see one time you said that the winner was going to be from Missouri. I guess after being a customer for 7 yr and never winning a penny I will give up. Sharon from Mo.

  4. If i were to win, the first thing i would do is give thanks and be so grateful. Love some of the products they offer.

  5. How I know I won and how can u win and can some one be a winner today will the prizes patrol be riding today or October 13 I Ben playing scent 2010and have won any thing y’all a date then say another date it’s August 31 or October 13witch is it mom use play pch back in the 80s,&90s she play for years and never won any thing she stop playing I took over she pass away so u tell u have play this game for years to become a winner any way thanks still please give a answer.

  6. If I win I would move close to my daughter,I have several medical problems and I have to live where I can afford medical.I have been a loyal pch member for several years always hoping but have never won.I would donate to the cancer society and to the children.You will always be welcome here.I would appreciate the money and would do good things.