Rosemary got her Million Dollar Prize from PCH… A Thousand Miles from home!

Our newest Millionaire, Rosemary Cella, is just further proof: Our Prize Patrol “delivers” – no matter where our winners might be!

The Prize Patrol’s Dave Sayer was in Kissimmee, Florida, all set to deliver Rosemary Cella’s “Big Check” for $1 Million – only to discover that Rosemary was actually in Long Island, NY – not far from our Publishers Clearing House “home”!

One Million Dollar Prize Winner from PCH

But no worries!  Back at our Long Island headquarters, our unstoppable Danielle Lam sprang right into action and tracked down lucky winner Rosemary Cella, who was visiting with her daughter only miles away!

$1 Million Prize Winner

Rosemary’s own husband, Dan, said that Rosemary was “a true believer” who had faithfully entered the PCH Sweepstakes for years – despite him teasing her that “it couldn’t be for real.”

Rosemary said that although she and Dan lived in Florida, they were native New Yorkers who wanted to move back north to be closer to their two daughters and grandchildren – who all lived on Long Island.  Rosemary’s Million Dollar prize will make that a LOT easier!

Can you believe it … Mrs. Cella is actually our THIRD MILLIONAIRE in three months – part of our incredible 4 Months of Millionaires Event! And that event will be wrapping up with a grand finale in just weeks, when we’ll definitely be awarding $5,000 A Week “Forever”!

So … are you a Publishers Clearing House “true believer,” like Rosemary Cella?  Enter our Sweepstakes every day and every way you can … and your perseverance and keeping the faith could pay off with a millionaire’s fortune – just like Rosemary’s did!

Hoping to hear your thoughts about Rosemary’s good fortune … just jot ‘em down in the “COMMENTS” section below …

Keep the faith!


PCH Creative

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