St. Patrick’s Day Winner Knew She Would Win Someday!

When the Prize Patrol found themselves driving down the winding roads of northern California this St. Patrick’s Day, they knew they were in for a good time. After all, what is more beautiful than Napa Valley, with its fantastic weather and sumptuous grape vines? Who would ever want to leave?

Napa Valley

In fact, that’s just the question I asked Napa Valley resident Debbie Buer. “Well, I’ve lived here since the second grade and my husband’s been here his whole life. All of our kids are still here too!” 

I guess you could say Debbie is pretty lucky to live where she does, and her luck really paid off on St. Patrick’s Day when Dave Sayer of the Prize Patrol showed up at her door with a beautiful Big Check for $10,000.00! Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Debbie and hearing first-hand how she felt when she became our St. Patrick’s Day winner!

I couldn’t believe it,” Debbie enthused. “I recognized Dave’s face and knew who he was right away. I was extremely surprised!”

When I asked Debbie if she believed that Publishers Clearing House was REALLY real before all this, she said “absolutely.” In fact, she even felt something different when she made her last entry.


“I just had a strange feeling about it. Something was different this time.”

When pressed further, she admits that she gets feelings like this pretty frequently, usually when something big is about to happen. She just always believes it will lead to something good!

I guess you could say she has always been positive, because she never stopped believing this could happen. “I started with Publishers Clearing House years ago, and I got my mom into it. I let her do it for a while and then I picked it up again after she couldn’t enter any more.”

In fact, she still enters to this day, even after winning $10,000.00!

You could even say entering PCH has become contagious in Napa Valley – many of Debbie’s clients are believers and enter frequently, and her daughter and her daughter’s friends all enter via the PCH phone apps on a daily basis. Things are finally starting to calm down, but she still gets the stray “congratulations” from clients and people on Facebook.

The funniest thing someone said to me was on Facebook, actually. When our local newspaper did a story on me, they accidentally added 10 years to my age! Then one of our friends online just said, ‘…ouch!’”

When I asked Debbie what she was going to do with the money, she told me that her and her husband have only one thing on their mind.

“It is going to our daughter’s wedding. We really wanted to help her out – it’s this October, so this money came just in time!”


And as for the skeptics who never believed that PCH was real, Debbie has this to say: “I told you so!”

I had a great time talking to Debbie, and she wanted to make sure you all got this one last message: “Your turn will come! I knew someday mine would – it’s got to break sometime! Just keep plugging away!”

 Searchers, I hope you take Debbie’s words to heart and keep searching at PCHSearch&Win every day! You never know…you could be next!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. – I love that Debbie felt like this was really going to happen, and it DID! Have you ever had a wish come true? Tell us in the comments below!

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