Learn the warning signs of a PCH SCAM today!


Friends, you know we love you and that we want you to enter to win our genuine PCH prizes.  And we ALSO want you to stay safe from the “bad guys”  who pretend to be from Publishers Clearing House so they can TAKE money from you – not give it to you!  So be alert to PCH scam warning signs, like some of these …


Friends, that is a SCAM pure and simple.  The only way you’d find out about winning a genuine major PCH prize would be by hearing it from our PCH Prize Patrol when they bring you a “Big Check.” (Plus, they would NEVER call you in advance and spoil the surprise!)


You never EVER have to pay a cent to become a Publishers Clearing House prize winner.  So if someone claiming to be from the Prize Patrol asks you for cash, a check or a prepaid money card, like a Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid card  to collect your prize, it’s not for real – it’s a scam, Scam, SCAM!


Often, those crafty Scammers posing as the PCH Prize Patrol will ask for personal information and use that data to rip their victims off.  The real Prize Patrol NEVER asks for bank numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers or any numbers from our winners – they just hand over the “Big Check,” no questions asked!


Real Prize Patrol members – or any PCH employee for that matter – will never send friend requests on Facebook or contact you via Twitter or Instagram.

Now that we’ve shared some warning signs of a PCH scam, we hope you’ll be extra- special careful not to fall prey to those shady characters posing as Publishers Clearing House employees.  But if you suspect that somebody is indeed trying to “play you,” let us know about it immediately by submitting an online Fraud/Scam Incident Report. Rest assured that we’ll share the information with FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

So, play our online games, enter our contests and Sweepstakes and always know that we want you to win our genuine PCH prizes – and stay safe!


Publishers Clearing House

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