Find Kids’ Summer Activities with PCHSearch&Win!

Whether you’re a parent with kids and you’re looking for some family friendly entertainment or if you’re a grandparent trying to find a way to treat your “youngin’s”, PCHSearch&Win is the place to search for kids’ summer activities!


When school is out, our little friends have a lot of extra time on their hands, and it is often up to us grownups to help find something constructive to do.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an all-day adventure, how about this? Many communities offer summer recreation programs! They’ll make crafts, play outside and even maybe go on a field trip. And they’re out of your hair for a little while too! Use PCHSearch&Win to do a quick local search for these programs filled with kids’ summer activities!

If you want them to be outside, but prefer to also spend time with them yourself, you can use PCHSearch&Win to look for your local parks and playgrounds! Almost all kids love a good swing, jungle gym, slide or see-saw, and the only hard part about it is trying to get them to go home after you’re done!

Of course kids summer activities can’t always be outside. Sometimes you have to get indoors to beat the heat! But you can STILL have fun inside with the AC running! Using PCHSearch&Win, you can look for arts and crafts that will inspire you kiddies and give you plenty of great artwork to hang up afterwards!

And it doesn’t just have to be arts & crafts–teaching young people baking and cooking is a great kids summer activity that can inspire minds and also fill hungry tummies!

All of these things can be found using our handy dandy PCHSearch&Win search tool! And unlike other search engines, using PCHSearch&Win can mean winning great prizes! There are new winners every day at PCHSearch&Win, and you’ll feel like a winner too when you find great kids’ summer activities for the young people in your life!

And did you know you could win Instant Prizes with every search you do? It’s true! You can win instant cash to spend on taking your kiddos to the ice cream shop. Or you might win a gift card to your favorite store or even movie tickets…say, that’s a cool summer activity right there!

Plus, with your first search of the day after logging in, you’ll be entered to win our life-changing Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize.

So if kids’ summer activities are something you need some help researching, then makes sure you use PCHSearch&Win your first stop! Log on and see what you can find – and enter to win a fantastic instant prize when you do!

Enjoy those kids while they’re little…they grow up fast!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What was your favorite summertime activity as a kid? Comment below!

P.P.S. And now for some fun for us grownups! How would you splurge if you won the PCH SuperPrize? Read today’s PCH Blog  and post a comment!


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