You Can WIN IT ALL With PCHSearch&Win!

Have you ever dreamt of pulling your sleek, sporty car up to the driveway of your perfect new home? Maybe you’ve daydreamed about traveling to another country, starting your own business or paying off all your debt and starting fresh? Well PCH fans, I am right there with you!  I’ve often wondered how to make this fantasy a reality, and today I have some good news for all of you! I am here to tell you today that PCHSearch&Win could be your key to making YOUR fantasy a reality!

Yes folks, in just a few weeks, you could WIN IT ALL because on June 30th the PCH Prize Patrol is authorized to award a lucky winner $2,000,000.00 All At Once, $10,000 A month for life AND a brand new car!


Can you say WOW!? I mean, think of ALL the possibilities you would have with that kind of money. You could pay off bills, help out friends and family, take a luxury vacation…and the list goes on and on. The best part about this exciting Special Early Look prize event is that it’s so easy to enter! You can gain entries through all of the PCH properties, including, PCHLotto, the PCH App, and of course, right here at PCHSearch&WIN!

Even though I can’t win since I work here, the most exciting part of the WIN IT ALL prize for me would be the $2,000,00.00 all at once! I mean can you imagine the things you’d be able to do with that kind of cash handy? I would pay off my student loans, pay off my car, and last but not least, I would pay off the house my husband and I are purchasing in a few weeks! Even after all of that, I’d still have plenty of money leftover…and this is where PCHSearch&Win would come in handy again! PCHSearch&Win could give me tons of ideas for how to put my winnings to good use!

So what are you waiting for? Your fantasy life could become your reality simply by entering! Get started right now by logging on to PCHSearch&Win and searching for anything you may need! Your first search of the day will automatically enter you in the sweepstakes for your chance to Win It All! Remember, you have to be in it to win it!

Happy Searching!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

P.S. Which part of the “Win It All” prize would you be most excited about? Tell us below!

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