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PCH Welcomes Traveling WOMMY. Read His Travel Log Here!

Well, hallå, hallo, hello and cheery-o!  I’m the Traveling WOMMY, and I “work” for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association — or WOMMA for short.  Their job is to encourage companies to communicate on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and my “job” — or more like a dream come true — is to help celebrate the best work in Word Of Mouth Marketing by visiting companies worldwide to show off my golden bronze sheen and gorgeous curves in photos they can share with their great friends!

For some, posing for pictures and having a full passport would be enough, but for me, it’s all about the people!  That’s why I want to share my personal journal with you — to give you an up-close look at the great friends I met at PCH Headquarters!

So, here it is, my travel log:

Day 1:  This “W” feels like a Whirlwind today.  I’m headed for my next destination and should be there soon.

Reminder:  Ask travel planner for better accommodations — I’ve got no room to stretch in this 5” x 5” cardboard shipping box!

Day 2:  I didn’t know I was going to Publishers Clearing House!  What a surprise!  I was so excited, I posed like a big “W” — because I felt so welcome — right in the lobby!

Day 3: Today, I was personally escorted to see the Executive Vice President – Ms. Deborah Holland – who made this little “W” feel just wonderful.  We reviewed our agenda and talked about traveling.

Reminder:  Ask Debbie to teach me French sometime — elle parle très bien le français!

Day 4:  Wow!  I just met the famous Prize Patrol!  We have so much in common!  They put on their best smiles and travel, too (except they get to bring the BIG check – I wish I could meet him!). I’m sure we’ll be lifelong friends!

Day 5:  Time to check out the sights!  This little “W” loves water (and most “w” things, really), so Debbie took me to the scenic Town Dock in Port Washington.  It was so pretty I wanted to dive right in!


Then, back at the office, I got the greatest water view of all — Debbie lifted me up so I could get a closer look at the Good Luck Fountain.  I felt luckier than ever!

Day 6: I finally got to meet the BIG CHECK!  Lucky Windfall was dressed up and ready for his next big award!  What a handsome fella — and rich, too! *Swoon*

Day 7:  On my final day, Debbie and I discussed a very special event called The Give Back, which allows fans of the PCH Fan Page on Facebook to vote for their favorite charity.  Three charities will be awarded Big Cash Prizes and fans can even win something too!  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Well, I sure feel like my “W” is for winning — thanks to all my great friends at PCH.  Hey, maybe someday if you become the newest SuperPrize winner, YOU’LL be invited to visit PCH Headquarters and have a travel log of your very own! Wouldn’t that be fun?

So, this is it — I’m about to get shipped off to some new location — but for now, ‘So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen and goodbye’ from your great friend…

— The Traveling WOMMY

P.S. As my friends at PCH told you a few days ago, the new PCH TV commercials are on the air! Well today and today only, a very special NEW commercial will be shown on TV! I love it so much and didn’t want any of you to miss it, so they said I could share it with you all right here! Enjoy…and be sure to let me know what you think of it in the comments section below!


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  1. Debbie, you asked for my Favorite Charity Name, it is hard to say but Samaritan’s Purse, St. Jude Cancer Research for children, Israel to help the poor, hungry and sick, Africa c/o James & Betty R$$$$$$$ who arrange to have water wells dug for them to have fresh water wells, Israel Phh Mortgage for my reverse mortgage from 2015 the charges they have charged me to give me $35,000. Debbie when and if I win this sweepstake I am going o pay off my debt of around $16,000 and then give to my charities. until then I cannot help anyone for lack of income. Thanks Debbie but I am serious about my debt & my charities and helping myself for I am 87 years old and need help. Keep me in mind, I am serious about paying off these debts.