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Resolve To Win Big With The New PCHGames Fan Page!

Hi PCH fans!

So being on the Social Media team, I spend a good chunk of my time reading what you all say on Facebook. And from what I’ve seen, many of you have resolved to “win big” in 2013. That is a GREAT resolution to have, and while I can’t win big with a PCH prize (because employees aren’t eligible to win), I’ve created a new resolution for myself.

I resolve to do my best to make sure all PCH fans are having fun while working on THEIR resolution to win!

And where’s the perfect place to start with that? Well, the PCHGames Fan Page of course! Trust me when I tell you that this is the numero uno place for fun, especially since the page recently got itself a makeover.

That’s right. New year, new look! While thousands of people work to get themselves in shape, we recently got this page in shape…for fun! Take a look at the new and exciting opportunities!

First, if you haven’t yet “liked” the page, this is what you’ll see. 


We have some featured games that you can learn more about. We have an easy way for you to find out what’s going on with a link to the events page. Oh, and we have a little message up top that is just another way you could achieve those New Year’s resolutions to win! To find out how you could get your hands on a pile of cash like that one, simply click the “like” button.

In addition to finding out about that “pile-o-cash,” liking the Fan Page will make sure you never miss an update from the PCHgames Fan Page! Oh, and it will grant you even more access to FUN stuff! Check out what the page looks like after you “like” it!

There’s a link to the $1,000 Instant Win games, a fun puzzle that you can unscramble and a poll that you can take! Plenty of fun to be had by all. You’ll still have the ability to check out those featured games. Even better, from the page you’ll be able to “like” all the other fan pages: the PCH Fan Page, PCHSearch&Win Fan Page and the PCHlotto Fan Page!

So what do you think of the new look? I certainly hope you “like” it! Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Sarah S.
Social Media

P.S. Have you checked out the PCHPlay&Win blog yet? If not, we hope you’ll make another resolution to check it out every day! You’ll find out about lots more opportunities to WIN BIG!

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