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PCH Giveaway 3080 Is Ending, But The PCH Winning Never Ends!

Goodbye giveaway 3080

Hello, PCH Fans. I’d like to take a moment to talk about Giveaway Number 3080. (As a reminder all Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are assigned a Giveaway Number to help identify them and distinguish them from other promotions.) And if you haven’t heard, Giveaway 3080 is ending this February with our guaranteed $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize. As the old adage states, all good things must come to an end, and since this Giveaway started back on June 1, 2013, it’s been positively great!

In fact, there have been SIX ecstatic $1 Million winners from Giveaway 3080 so far. Here’s a recap of our winners from Giveaway No. 3080:

Mrs. Connie Kiesser of Idaho won $1,000,000 in November of 2013
John Kutz of Florida won $1,000,000 in November of 2013 
James Walker of Oklahoma won $1,000,000 in February of 2014
Penny Pompa of Connecticut won $1,000,000 in April of 2014
Neil Kroll of Washington won $1,000,000 in June of 2014 
Philip Daltas of Florida won $1,000,000 in August of  2014

And there’s still one more BIG SuperPrize to be awarded from Giveaway 3080. That’s right, on February 27th, PCH Giveaway #3080 is going out with a BANG! The February 27th winner will receive $5,000 A Week for their life, and then after that, those payments will continue to a beneficiary of the winner’s choosing for their life. Wow! That’s a prize that will definitely change the winner’s life and leave a lasting legacy for the winner’ s family.

Our February 27th “Forever” Prize will bring the total count of Giveaway 3080 winners to seven! You might be wondering, why were there so many winners? It’s a good question with a simple answer. Because they love the excitement of awarding big prizes, Publishers Clearing House sometimes authorizes special early look events where they take an early look for a winner. All of the winners from Giveaway No. 3080 listed above won during our special early look timeframes.  (With the exception of John Kutz, who became a winner through a 24-hour lookup event.)

Interestingly, Giveaway 3080 was originally scheduled to end on August 31, 2015, but PCH decided to award it early  — which is great news for our fans! So on February 27th, we will bid a fond farewell to Giveaway No. 3080. If you want to become the final winner of this giveaway, you know what to do. Make sure you enter as often as you can. YOU could win $5,000 A Week “Forever” on February 27th and become a part of PCH history!

Then, keep your eyes peeled for even more millionaire-making opportunities from Giveaway No. 4900. After all, we’re Publishers Clearing House, where the winning never ends!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative
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