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Blog Reader Spotlight: Kimberly G. Says “Stay Persistent, Positive and Patient”!

We have so many wonderful fans, it’s always difficult to choose a blog reader to spotlight every month. But if you regularly read and comment on the PCHblog, you’re probably familiar with Kimberly G., who provides support and encouragement through her many, many uplifting comments.

“I enter every day at every opportunity I am offered,” says this southern New Jersey resident. “I am in it to win it for financial security, to own my own home for me and my son, and to donate to animal and children’s charities. To win a PCH SuperPrize would be a wonderful blessing from God to fulfill our dreams and bring us peace that we have so longed for. I will NEVER give up.”

In another blog comment, Kimberly writes that she’s hooked on PCH. “I started playing every day for hours on my PC and my phone since I saw the PCH TV commercial in early March. I have only won a $5 gift card so far in only the first week of playing, so I know something much bigger is in store for me when the time is right. I NEVER believe PCH is rigged or a scam and neither should anyone else. Millions of people enter and you must be persistent, positive and patient! You can’t win if you don’t play! So go for it, and good luck to all!”

Kimberly tells me she enjoys reading and commenting on the PCH blog posts because they are “positive, motivational, informational and fun.”  When she comments on the blog, she hopes that other readers will “turn negativity into positivity, and be inspired like I am.”

Kimberly’s favorite way to enter the PCH Sweeps is online because it’s so convenient.

I enter all of the opportunities every day on my desktop and on PCH apps,” she explains. “I start the day on the desktop and takes me about 3-4 hours to enter everything there, and then after dinner, I use the apps. I guess you could say I am a PCH addict!”

Her advice to all you fans? “I would just like to tell everyone you must be ‘IN IT TO WIN IT,’ Kimberly says. “Play for fun and without expectations of winning. That is how I have won sweepstakes, raffles, contests and even gambling in the casino in the past. I just put my entries in and walk away and go on with life. I never depend on winning as an income.”

As we’ve already seen above, Kimberly frequently ends her blog comments with what she calls the “3 P’s.”

“Remember the 3P’s … PERSISTENT, POSITIVE and PATIENT. If it’s meant to be, it will happen when the Good Lord feels the time is right.  Keep entering, keep playing and pray. Good Luck, Everyone.”

Thank you so much, Kimberly, for being a loyal fan and friend, and an inspiration to all those you touch with your kind thoughts! I’m sure many of our blog readers agree that being PERSISTENT, POSITIVE and PATIENT is the way to go!

Enjoy the blog!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  Are you hooked on the PCH Sweeps? Do you enter every day at every opportunity you get? Do you share Kimberly’s positive attitude? Then let us know in the comments section below. Feel free to cheer your fellow blog readers on anytime, and maybe next month you could see yourself in the “PCH Blog Reader Spotlight”!

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