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Can YOU Tell the Difference Between Real News and Fake News?

It’s the millennium. The age where self-proclaimed blogs and technology are plentiful, and social media outlets like facebook and twitter are communal feeding grounds for pop-culturalists and newsies alike. Today anyone with an opinion and a cell phone can post “news” stories online. But who’s to say what’s real and what’s fake news?

With so much content out there, we want to make sure that when it comes to Publishers Clearing House news and announcements, you can – without a doubt – tell fact from fiction.  And, what better way to jump into the murky waters of real vs. fake news, than to put your own PCH knowledge to the test!

Quiz Time: Can you tell which headlines below are REAL news and which are FAKE?

#1: No Winner, No Check?


No way this is true! The PCH Prize Patrol always finds our winner, even if that means delivering the “big check” on a plane ride to New York!

#2: A Call to Collect?


We’ll NEVER tell a major prize winner by phone that they won – (that’s a scam alert). It’s just not our style. We like to surprise our winner on award day in person.

#3: Losing State?

No way – you can bet we’ve had winners from your home state! In fact, over $327 Million has been awarded to date with winners in ALL 50 STATES – including yours — plus Canada and the Yukon, too! That’s a lot of winning.

#4: June 30th Event?


Absolutely! The next big prize we’re prepared to award is the multi-million dollar “Win It All” prize – that’s a $2 Million lump-sum, plus $10,000 A Month For Life, plus a New Lincoln MKZ valued at $36,095 – and we could be heading to your area. Have you entered to win today?

So, how did you do? I’m sure as a dedicated fan, you already knew most of those answers, BUT if you didn’t and you learned one new PCH fact today, then pat yourself on the back because you just fired a flaming truth sword into the belly of the fake news beast!  It felt good, right?

Great job! Now, make sure you enter to “Win It All” today!

Nicole T.
Online Creative

P.S. We have REAL WINNERS every day! Tell us below how you would make the Winning Moment on June 30th an exciting REAL NEWS media announcement!

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