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Ode To Giveaway #8800

Giveaway #8800 is coming to an end! And to honor all those who have won life-changing SuperPrizes from Giveaway #8800, I’ve written a poem for you.

Fans and friends, here is a rhyme
Where we take a look back in time
And celebrate with much good cheer-o
The winners of eight-eight-zero-zero!

There were several who won a SuperPrize
And saw the Prize Patrol with their own eyes,
Like Betty Patchett of Michigan
And her million-dollar (plus even more) win!


Fran Chargar – she was in it to win it
And won it in a New York minute!
Fran was speechless upon hearing the news
And now she can live life however she’ll choose!


Jane Goodwin must have said “What the heck??”
As she walked off a boat to receive her Big Check
It just goes to prove that if you aren’t home
The Prize Patrol follows wherever you roam!

Eva Heatley of Texas was in shock and in glee
Not only was it her 10th wedding anniversary,
She also won $1 Million dollars that day
What a great way to celebrate, is all I can say!


I’m telling the truth, don’t call me a liar
When I tell you the story of Ms. Martha Fryar
This West Virginian won a cool million bucks
Do YOU think by entering, you’ll have such good luck?

That’s 5 happy millionaires, if you’re keeping score
But wait – there’s still room here for one winner more!
Yes, Giveaway #8800 is ending …
And that means there’s one more big winner that’s pending!

So, how do you join this exclusive society
Of winners that includes folks of every variety?
Just enter each day, friends, in all ways you can
And you could be a winner, and not just a fan!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative



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