Meet Jane Goodwin, Our Newest SuperPrize Winner!

We Prize Patrol’ers can’t remember a more exciting “winning moment” than the one we experienced with our newest SuperPrize winner –with a hundred other people plus countless Facebook “live” fans — on August 31st.

We arrived at winner Jane Goodwin’s Boston area residence at 11 AM, but found only her husband at home. At first he was mystified by the roses, balloons and video cameras but then was awestruck when we unveiled the Big Check worth $1 Million – with Jane’s name on it! “She and a friend are on a one-day boat trip to Provincetown [at the tip of Cape Cod]” he stammered “and won’t be back ‘til tonight.”

So, as we have before, we had to come up with Plan B. This involved driving to Plymouth, MA and awaiting the boat’s return at 6 PM – when, hopefully, we could surprise Jane as she got off the boat.

Well, Plan B worked out perfectly – and then some! When passengers streamed down the gangplank and saw the Prize Patrol standing on the dock there was lots of buzz. Many wondered “Could I be the winner they’re looking for?” But we held out ‘til we spotted Jane whom we recognized from an internet photo. Click on this link to see the exciting “winning moment.”

A hundred eyewitnesses crowded around applauding Jane and shouting in shock “It’s real!” From the dock we went across the street to a pub where a champagne toast “To Jane!!!” awaited.

Jane has been overwhelmed with congratulations and good wishes from amazed friends and relatives. Some were skeptical that Jane had really won; but the PCH video erased their doubts.

A very active senior citizen, Jane retired from the local electric utility a few years ago and now enjoys travel and her four-legged pets. Her daily routine also includes taking advantage of the multiple online opportunities to enter the PCH Sweepstakes, including PCH Search&Win. Jane has been a great customer for over 30 years and enters both online and through the mail. In fact, Jane’s $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize win was made even MORE special with an extra $10,000.00 A Year For Life prize she won from our exciting “Win For Life Club” promotion!

Congratulations Jane, and welcome to our huge and ever-growing family of winners! And to the rest of you, follow Jane’s advice: Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes every chance you get and you could become our newest SuperPrize winner too!

Dave Sayer                                                                                                                                     PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador


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  1. What a dream! Pay off debts first of all, help my children and then enjoy my retirement and be ever so thankful! Then invest the rest.

  2. Hi My Name Is Selma Mazie Hall. If I Win . I would help the Homeless . And also Help My Daughter Right Now She Is Homeless Right Now With My Grandchildren. It Hurts Me To See Her Like This. I Try And Do What I Can For Them.And Also Help The Children In Children Hospital. And Pay Off All My Bills And Buy A Home And A Car So I Can Get Around Were I Need To Go. So My Grandchildrens And Daughter Are In A Warm Home. Or Pay For A Place For My Daughter And Granddaughters Have A Warm Bed To Sleep In Other Things They Need.

  3. Hello Dave! I would absolutely love to meet you and the Elite Prize Patrol Team😉. I enter as often as I can and in as many ways as I can😊. I’m in it to win big👍