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Why YOU Should Become A PCH VIP!

Sure, I know I’m ineligible to win any PCH giveaway and take advantage of the extra rewards that come with being a PCH VIP Elite, but I sure do like seeing that badge next to my name every day!

Now, one of the basic tenets of business is that a company cannot survive without customers. It’s the basis of a relationship in which we – Publishers Clearing House – must produce content compelling enough to keep you – our fans and friends – coming back every day. We do that by constantly introducing new sweepstakes to enter, new games to play, and new rewards for our most loyal visitors, our VIPs. After all, our top fans deserve top treatment.

Fans of the PCH blog may recall a recent blog I wrote titled “Top 7 (Or More) Reasons to Become a PCH VIP,” in which I spelled out just how easy it is to become a PCH VIP. Today I’m going to dig a little deeper into why it’s such a big deal to become a PCH VIP and, even better, a PCH VIP Elite!

What is a PCH VIP?

PCH VIPs are among the best and most active participants – by entering contests, playing games, and more – on a near-daily basis. PCH VIPs are fans with faith; that is, they enjoy everything that PCH has to offer and believe their dedication someday will be rewarded.

How do I become a PCH VIP?

Simply put, you just have to love PCH and take advantage of everything it offers. Enter sweepstakes, play games, enjoy the articles and videos at PCHfrontpage, find out what you need to know at PCHSearch&Win, and more. With so many ways to engage, you could become a PCH VIP in no time!

What are the PCH VIP Rewards?

It begins with more ways to enter PCH giveaways, then adds VIP cash bonuses to those giveaways, and keeps going to bring you contests and prizes that are exclusive to PCH VIPs. And that’s not all, there’s a dedicated PCH VIP page with contests and instant-win games available only to PCH VIPs. And if a PCH VIP ever needs to get in touch with us, there’s even a special VIP customer service hotline.

How do I keep track of my PCH VIP Status?

Just click the VIP Status Tracker in the top navigation of any page at for an instantaneous update on how close you are to becoming a PCH VIP or VIP Elite.

When you add it all up, it just makes sense to work your way toward becoming a PCH VIP or VIP Elite and to take advantage of the perks that go with it. And after you do, stay tuned, because we’re continually introducing new ways to make our VIPs know how truly special they are.

Here’s wishing you success!

Russell S.
PCH Creative



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