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Want the PCH Prize Patrol to Ring Your Doorbell?

I’m sure that you blog-readers and PCH fans have noticed that the PCH Prize Patrol has been on the road awarding more Big Checks than ever before!  That is the truth – not “fake news”!  We’ve been traveling coast to coast and border to border and everywhere in between.  Newspaper and TV reporters have been covering our “sur-prize” presentations, and everywhere we are sighted people come up to us and say “You guys really are real!”

When we are on planes to and from PCH headquarters we look down on all the towns and houses below and realize there are still a lot of places we have not been.  Most of you may be thinking “You can say that again!  You haven’t rung my bell!”

Well don’t lose faith!  After every “winning moment” we ask the happy winner for advice to pass on to the “wannabe winners” watching on TV or Facebook.  Without fail they say things like “Don’t give up!”  “Keep at it!” “Enter every day – like I do!”   On top of that they throw in “It’s fun!”

Friends, relatives and bystanders witnessing the “winning moments” realize that “Real people – like my neighbor here — really win” and that if they don’t enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes they will be losers for sure!

You want to have the PCH Prize Patrol knock on your door and present you with roses, balloons and a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars?   Then do what the winners do and enter every chance you get for more chances to win.  And the next doorbell we ring could be yours!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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