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10 Reasons Why Giving Up Now Would Be The WORST Thing To Do

We’re so happy for Douglas Butcher of Vero Beach, FL and his SuperPrize win! Congratulations!

PCH’ers, we’d also like to congratulate you for staying in it to win it! It is your heart and dedication that makes us so proud to have you as a part of our PCH community. Don’t despair over the awarding of our latest SuperPrize, don’t take this as a sign that it’s time to give up. Instead, take this as an opportunity to rise up, as a sign to stay in it to win it!

Giving up now could be one of the WORST things that you can do! Don’t believe me? Here are 10 reasons why:

10. There Is Always Another SuperPrize … and Another Winner!

Though today may not have been your lucky day, who’s to say that our next SuperPrize won’t be headed your way? You may be lucky enough to win the next prize, or the next one after that! PCH has so many SuperPrize winners, and the list just keeps on growing! Will we see your name on our list of winners? Maybe, but if you give up now, we will never see your name!

9. There Are More Than Just SuperPrizes To Win!

Did you know that PCH awards prizes every single day? It’s true! We even have a cool counter in the PCH office lobby showing us how many people have won each day! And it’s not just SuperPrizes that PCH is known for, you can even win prizes by playing token games!

Entering to win the SuperPrize is vital, but think of all of the other prizes that you could win! From cash to gift cards, PCH really has it all! And where can you win these fantastic prizes? Check out PCHblackjack or PCHkeno for starters! Feeling more adventurous? Why not try your hand at Spider Solitaire, one of PCH’s exciting new games!

8. Someone Else Could Win…

Your number is unique to you, and it could be a winning number! But if you give up your number, and you give up on the SuperPrize, then someone else might get to walk away with that once-in-a-lifetime prize!

7. Imagine What Could Have Been

If you entered our sweepstakes and didn’t win, there’s no need to despair! If you give up now, then you give up on all of the future sweepstakes that PCH has to offer! With so many life-changing prizes on the horizon, giving up now only makes these possibilities a fantasy!

And imagine what you could do if you won one of our sweepstakes! You could pay off bills, put money into savings … maybe do something extravagant, like buy a new car! But that could never be a possibility if you give up!

6. Entering Our Sweepstakes Means Believing In PCH … And In YOU!

An entry into a sweepstakes could be the hope that you need to boost your morale! Or maybe with fingers crossed you feel that this could be it! Believe in us and believe in YOU! It is your hope, your enthusiasm, and your passion that keeps us going! Without you, we wouldn’t have our amazing “Forever” SuperPrizes and other amazing sweepstakes!

5. Entering Is So Easy!

Entering our sweepstakes only takes a matter of minutes, and it’s completely FREE to enter! Why not take those two minutes to enter? With what lies at the other end (the possibility of winning a SuperPrize!) why not? It’s quick, easy, and did I mention FREE?

4. Think Of What Winning Could Mean For You

Think of everything that could change. You could literally change your life! Imagine not having to worry about upcoming bills or mortgages, just having the peace of mind knowing that you will be able to take care of yourself and your family. But giving up now means that you won’t be entering to win our latest SuperPrize … and if you don’t enter, you can’t win!

3. Think Of All The Good You Could Do!

After you’ve taken care of yourself and your family, you could help others! You could become a huge supporter of your favorite charity, and you could make a big difference in your community!

2. Entering To Win A PCH Sweepstakes Is FREE!

All of PCH’s sweepstakes are free to enter, so why not take the two minutes to enter? It won’t hurt your wallet, and if you win, your wallet will grow exponentially!

1. Not Entering Means You Can NEVER Win

If you give up now, there’s no way that you could ever win! Even a single entry is better than none at all –– that one entry could be your winner! But if you don’t enter, then you’ll never be able to win. All of our winners have one thing in common: they all entered! You could be a winner, too, but you have to enter!

So, PCH’ers, what are some of the reasons why you stay in it to win it? Tell us in the comments below!


Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern

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