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August Token Exchange Winners Entered To Win … AND WON!

Happy Monday, friends and fans!

We are already a third of the way through September, and hopefully, the temperatures will start cooling down any moment now (as I write this, I’m sitting directly next to an air conditioner). But one thing that definitely won’t be cooling down is the number of winners at PCH! Our August Token Exchange Winners won exciting gift cards, new appliances, electronics and even cash prizes!

August was a great month to win a Token Exchange prize, because it’s the kickoff of “back to school” season. With cash and gift cards, our lucky winners can help the kids get ready for the new school year, whether it’s at their local school district or a trip off to Hogwarts (I certainly wish!). And new appliances to make their home cozier as we settle into the cool fall weather must have surely been a treat.

Take a Look at Some of Our August Winners … and Their Prizes!

Some pretty great prizes, right? And all just for redeeming Tokens for more chances to win, which you can amass every single day through playing at PCHgames, completing your cards at PCHlotto and PCHkeno, and searching at PCHSearch&Win and PCHFrontpage! (Did I miss any? Let me know … you can accumulate Tokens from almost any online activity at PCH!)

But to get your name on next month’s winners list, you’ll need to do more than rack up Tokens. You’ll need to redeem them at the Token Exchange to go for your choice of incredible prizes! If you’re worried that redeeming Tokens will affect your PCH Rewards status, don’t be! Your status is determined by total Tokens earned. Redemptions will never count against you. Each time you reach a new level, you’re there for good! (Good thing, too, because we’ve just launched the new and improved Rewards program—anyone reach Red Diamond yet?!)

As always with PCH, you have to act if you want to win. One of the nice things about the Token Exchange is that YOU choose which prizes you want to go for by redeeming your Tokens. So why not go over there now and find out what you want to win … and I hope to see your name on the September winners list!


Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: Any Token Exchange prizes you’ve got your eyes set on? Tell us in the comments below!




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