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#WinnerWednesday: Are YOU a PCH Winner?

Greetings, fans and friends,

It’s #WinnerWednesday once again, when we celebrate our smaller PCH prize winners – folks who have won $10, $20, $50 and $100 – and who have stayed in it to win it.

Saheda has been entering for quite a while now – since 2012! I play the PCH App, PCH Lotto App and PCHfrontpage,” she tells us. “I receive PCH emails and enter on my desktop computer. I truly, truly do believe I will win some day. I have a strong feeling one day I will.”

A believer in the power of faith, Saheda adds, “God is always watching over us and I know God will help us. I pray every day. I think people should enter and not give up. It’s just a simple click of a button to enter. It doesn’t waste a lot of our time.”

Saheda would love to see the PCH Prize Patrol appear at her door.  I always dream of PCH and the Prize Patrol knocking on my door and think of what expression I should make … lol,” she says. “I want to see the beautiful Daniel Lam on my door with her beautiful smile – she’s such a cutie!”

“One day I will win,” she continues. “I’m so excited to know that one day I can help out the poor and my parents.” 

Bobby W. (who shared a photo, below, of his prize check with us) has won several times from PCH – a $5 check from searching on PCHSearch&Win,  a $10 check from playing on PCHKeno and a $50 gift card from entering on PCHFrontpage – but in his own words, “I’m holding out to see the Prize Patrol.” Bobby has been entering the PCH Sweeps since 1997, when he entered through the mail, and has been entering on the web since – and he knows the exact date – May 29, 2008. He also enjoys using the PCH App to enter to win PCH prizes. Plus, he’s earned millions of tokens, too!

I’m due for a visit from the PCH Prize Patrol,” says Bobby. “It would be a good ending to a very bad year and would be a good birthday present.” (His birthday is December 18th – happy birthday, Bobby!)

Finally, Frieda W. of Columbus, Georgia, a PCH winner of $50 says she is so excited to win and “it feels great.”

“Playing PCH games every day and night has wonderful token rewards,” she tells us. “Every chance I get I look forward to the fun of playing. I’m not a quitter and I’m finally experiencing being a WINNER! Thanks, PCH … Yay, me!”

Frieda adds, “I’m sure there are skeptics that feel and believe PCH winners are not real. I beg to differ, believe me … we are REAL winners. Stay optimistic, play every day to win and never give up! Your winning moment just might be next!”

I could not have said it better, Frieda! Fans and friends, you simply have to BELIEVE that dreams can come true – and like Saheda, Bobby and Frieda, you just might win a PCH prize, too!

Are YOU a PCH winner? Do you want to be a PCH winner? Then tell us in the comments section below! We love hearing from you! And don’t forget to keep entering!

Good Luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

PS If you could put a message on your doormat for the Prize Patrol to read, if they visited your home, what would it say? Read Marybeth’s blog this afternoon … and let us know what your doormat would proclaim!



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  1. I pray pray and Hope everyday that I get my blessing soon from the PCH Prize patrol.
    Because I feel lime I’m crazy or something telling my landlord know that I’ll have some money for her soon so I can pay her for the last 3 months I owe her and doesn’t put the sheriffs on me this month???