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Find Out Why These PCH Winners Believed In “Winning Streaks”!

Do you believe in “winning streaks?” I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to! A “winning streak” is when winning seems to just keep happening! It all starts with that first win – and it could be small, but so what? What matters is that you finally got something! Does this lead to something bigger and better?

Well for some of our PCH winners, it certainly did!

PCH Winner Judy Tschantz from Saline, MI got her winning started when she won just $10 from PCH in August of 2017! But then one day (December 21st, 2018, to be precise), the Prize Patrol showed up her door with $1,000,000.00! Judy said: “You think you’re never going to win?  Just keep entering! [Winning] happened to me!” Judy got a win of $10.00 that would be enough to satisfy some, but she just used it as motivation to keep entering…and look what happened! It seems like she was a real believer in the idea of “winning streaks!”

Or how about Fran Chargar of Suffern, NY? She won $1,000,000.00 in October of 2017, but her own type of  “winning streak” started way before that! She won $10 in January of 2015 and then $50 in December of 2016. Now I don’t know about you, but I might be tempted to quit while I was ahead after I won the $50! But PCH Winner Fran KNEW that PCH was the real deal and kept on going and going. If you ask me, that’s sounds like someone who believes in making their own “winning streak!”

…but it doesn’t stop there! In 2017, Betty Patchett received a $10.00 prize in the mail from Publishers Clearing House. If you got a $10 check, you might smile to yourself and go about your day, deciding between putting it towards gas for your car or maybe use it to treat yourself to breakfast the next day. Maybe that’s what Betty did, which is a FAR cry from her emotional reaction to winning $1,000,000.00 and $10,000.00 A Year For Life from Publishers Clearing House later that year! See her PCH winner moment and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

What a great winning moment, but you know what? It would have never happened if she stopped at $10! And the only way she’d be able to keep her “winning streak” going was by entering!

Then of course there’s Douglas Butcher. This PCH winner started with a mere $10 win, but for him it probably meant a lot. Renting a converted garage as his living space wasn’t exactly where he saw himself, but he was making do. Douglas was a lifelong PCH fan and was so sure that one day his time would come. And come it did, because in October of 2018, the Prize Patrol found him at a local park with a big check for $2,500.00 A Week “Forever”! Now Doug has more than enough money to make it out of his cramped quarters and into some place worthy of someone who believed in their own hot “winning streak!”

Who knows what’s next for all of these lucky PCH winners! They certainly come from different walks of life, but the one thing they had in common was a belief that something positive was going to happen! Does reading this help you believe that a “winning streak” could happen to you? Then if so, you have to be in it to win it! And if you want all of the odds to be on your side, you have to be entering, taking advantage of the opportunities that Publishers Clearing House has to offer.

“Winning streaks” have to start somewhere, right? Enter today, and you never know when it might start happening for you!

Matt K.

PCH Correspondent

P.S. – Have you already won a prize from PCH? How did it make you feel? Do you believe this could be the start of a “winning streak?” Tell us in the comments below!

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