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Do You Believe in “Winning Streaks”?

PCH Fan Gladys Winning Streak

A few weeks ago here on our Blog, we told you about a super-lucky Powerball® lottery winner whose “winning streak” began with a prize from PCH!

We received many responses that – YES! – you do believe in “winning streaks”! And, our fan Gladys L. truly believes that she’s “in it to win it” … as she commented on her own succession of winning PCH prizes.

“I do believe in ‘winning streaks,’” says Gladys. “At the end of 2013 I won three $20 gift cards in two weeks, and one $10 gift card at the beginning of 2014! Yay! And in June 2014 I won $100 cash by spinning the Lucky Loot Wheel!

Gladys is confident that her smaller prizes might lead to a bigger win from Publishers Clearing House. “I am surrounded by positive energy,” she explains. “I enter the PCH Sweepstakes as much as I can … and I play those interesting games, as well!”

If she won the life-changing PCH SuperPrize, Gladys knows exactly what she would do: “Very simple: pay off all my debts, help my entire family and lend a hand to as many as I can!”

“You cannot imagine how many good projects I have in mind,” she says, adding, “Hooray!”

Always hopeful, Gladys says she follows her instinct that tells her to “keep entering because your turn will come! Just keep persevering! Never give up!”

Go, Gladys! Now, that’s the kind of positive thinking that keeps us smiling here at the PCH Blog!

So, I ask you, my friends, are you feeling positive about winning BIG? Do you think your turn to win the PCH Sweepstakes will come? Are big bucks in your future? Comment below and let us know.

And, remember to keep playing our FREE PCHgames and searching on PCHSearch&Win!

Best of luck to you!

Debbie K.

PCH Creative

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