Has Anyone Really Won at Publishers Clearing House? Look at THE LIST!

Do people say, “They don’t really give away all that money” when you mention Publishers Clearing House? Then I suggest that you show them “The List” — our Official Verified Winners List that shows the huge number of $5,000+ Plus Prizes people win at PCH all the time. 

Check out our Official Verified Winners List for yourself — and prepare to be amazed! 

Even I’m astounded by all the free money that’s available to win from Publishers Clearing House! The Official Verified Winners List shows dozens of $5,000 winners like R. Jackson of Logansport IN … $10,000 winners like K. Maurey of Port Orange FL — folks winning prizes all the way up to $5,000 A Week “Forever,” like Crystal Crawford just weeks ago! 

The partial list below shows $5,000+ prize awards from August ’18 through February ’19. The Official Verified Winners List online shows even more — going back to October 2017!

The folks on our Official Verified Winners Listare wonderful, real-live people like you — of every age, from every corner of the country. Congratulations to them all!

Guess what everyone on the Official Verified Winners List has in common?

That’s right! They wanted to WIN … so they entered and WON!Don’t you want to win one of our big prizes? Then follow our winners’ example. Come play our games,  enter our contests, search with us at PCHSearch&Win, visit us at Front Page or at the PCH Fan Page at Facebook — take advantage of every chance to win at Publishers Clearing House. Entering is fun, fast, easy and always FREE! 

All the best,
Marybeth, Publishers Clearing House

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  2. I keep getting calls from PCH that i won 18.1 million dollars. I’m wondering if this is a scam or not. He is very rude, and won’t let me alone!! He asked if I got the letter and I said no. I did call the police, and they said it was a scam. Please let me know whether it is or not!!!!!

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