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Winning at PCH is NO prank, on April Fools’ Day — or ANY day!

From “Kick me!” signs to dribble glasses to whoopie cushions, April Fools’ Day “pranks” have been played on hapless victims for years.  They can be funny, too — as long as you’re not on the receiving end.  But when it comes to surprising real-life people, like Crystal Crawford above, with a big Publishers Clearing House prize, we are deadly serious — WINNING HERE IS NO JOKE.

Winners of over $430,000,000.00 in prizes know that PCH is the real deal — No Foolin’!

When we tell you to go for winning our $7,000 A Week For Life Prize Event, coming up in just weeks, when we take a special early look for the winner — sit up and take notice. 

It would be a REAL April Fools’ joke if you had the winning number but didn’t return it on time! 

And in PCH’s long tradition of being “straight up” with friends like you: I’ve got to tell you that it might turn out that the matching winning number for our $7,000 A Week For Life prize event is not returned in time.  Then, we’d go to a second chance drawing, and award a One Million Dollar prize on April 26th— not too shabby. Once thing is 100% certain: someone WILL win a BIG prize in a few weeks. Why not you??

There are all kinds of FREE PCH Prizes up for grabs here — all the time. To get an idea of HOW many FREE PCH Prizes we give away, take a look at our Winners page, and see our mind-boggling Verified Winners List, of every winner of $5,000+ Free PCH prizes, from October 2017 right through the end of February 2019.

Here’s your April 1st/April Fools’ Day take-awayWinning at PCH is NO JOKE! 

Keep the faith and ENTER TODAY! 

Marybeth, Publishers Clearing House

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