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Crystal Crawford’s PCH winner’s visit made us all SO happy!

Guys, I’m very lucky to have worked at Publishers Clearing House for a long, LONG time. I love the people here, I enjoy the work I do — and I’m especially thrilled to write these blogs, hoping that I’ll get people to enter and hopefully become WINNERS. But my absolute FAVORITE thing about being a PCHer? It’s when wonderful PCH winners — like Crystal Crawford — come to visit.

When Crystal came to our Long Island office a few weeks back, we all gathered downstairs in the cafeteria to greet her and applaud her good fortune. It was really our best day of year! You see, for over 60 years, giving people life-changing prizes is what it’s all about at Publishers Clearing House. So, it’s incredibly moving — and kind of a “sacred tradition”— for us to meet wonderful real live PCH winners like Crystal.

After all these years of winners, watching Crystal’s Winning Moment still choked us up!

While Crystal was here, we all watched the video of her “Winning Moment,” filmed when our Prize Patrol surprised her at her Queens, NY office with her “Big Check.” You should’ve seen my coworkers’ happy faces as they watched — some, like me, with tears in their eyes. To think that every PCH employee, in some special way, was able to change Crystal’s life forever! That’s OUR big payoff.

We’re all looking forward to tomorrow’s Winning Moment!

Be sure to stay tuned to NBC News tomorrow, to find out the name of our big April 26th winner. Who knows … that name could be yours!

All the best,
Marybeth @ Publishers Clearing House

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