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Interview with Son of “Forever” Prize Winner!

It’s been a busy week here at PCH HQ! We recently had $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize winner Crystal Crawford and her family stop by PCH Headquarters! We had a wonderful time meeting all of Crystal’s family. As you may recall, Crystal lived in New York City, so it wasn’t too hard to convince her to make the trip! Just 30 minutes away, we brought them over in usual PCH flare, in a gorgeous stretch limousine! 

We prepared a presentation for them (and our hundreds of employees) to once again congratulate Crystal and her family. But before we gathered everyone together, Danielle and I (Matt the Stats Man, your humble reporter) showed PCH prize winner Crystal and her family around the building. We then brought them into one of our large boardrooms where we treated them to a delicious breakfast!

During this time, I talked with JaQuawn, Crystal’s oldest son. You may remember him from the winning moment, but let’s watch it again to refresh your memory!

I asked JaQuawn what was going through his head as he answered the door, and he said he actually had justwoken up! When the Prize Patrol asked to be “buzzed in” to the building, JaQuawn was told that a package was being delivered for his mom. He didn’t believe it! It was only 10am, and rarely are deliveries made in their apartment building during that time, so he was doubtful this was for real. But he told me that when he peered out his door and saw the camera crew, he knew it was legit!

Danielle and Crystal’s sons!

“I thought it was harmless, but I didn’t think she’d win anything,“ confesses JaQuawn when I asked him what he thought about his mom’s Publishers Clearing House habits. He knew it was a part of her daily ritual, but thought of it more as a good way to center herself before the day began. He never believed it was something that would eventually pay off. Well, he was wrong on that one!

During our breakfast, Crystal said she’d be helping both of her children out with their education. Her younger son is still trying to decide on which college to attend, but JaQuawn was considering graduate school. And to say that JaQuawn has a lot of interests would be an understatement!

“I’d love to get into real estate and set up spaces for young medical professionals to be able to treat those who are less fortunate,” says JaQuawn, but his passions in life extends beyond business into the arts and many other areas.

But just like his mother Crystal, JaQuawn’s devotion to his family is very clear, as exemplified by a friendly debate about where his younger brother should pursue college football. 

We hope to follow up with JaQuawn, Crystal and the whole Crawford family again in a few months’ time. I can’t wait to see what’s happening with them then!

Matt K. 
PCH Correspondent

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