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#WinnerWednesday: “May” We Introduce You to These PCH Prize Winners?

Happy May … and Happy #WinnerWednesday!

I think May is my favorite month – not too hot and not too cool, but just right! My summer vacation is far enough away to get me excited without making me stress over what to pack. My daughter’s home from college. My husband is planting flowers (it’s better that he does it; I don’t have a green thumb). And just like every month, happy folks are winning smaller prizes from Publishers Clearing House!

Like bulbs sprouting from the spring earth, new PCH winners are popping up every day – BIG winners like Mike McNeill, who became our latest millionaire last week … as well as winners of smaller PCH prizes like $10, $20, $50 and more, just like these lucky folks:

Don B. comments on the blog that he won $10 from PCH and donated it to help out the Red Cross. How wonderful, Don! I’ve found that so many of our fans and friends would donate to charity if they won a PCH prize.

As seen on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, David B. (above) from Belleview, FL won $500 from PCH back in February … and luck was certainly on his side once again last month! He was surprised by the Prize Patrol with a $10,000 check while he was home playing PCHlotto, proving that persistence really does pay off! David currently shares a car with his wife, so he plans to use the money to get a second car. He also wants to put some money towards “getting his eyes fixed.” His advice to skeptics is, “Keep playing!” Congrats, David!

Rebecca M. tells us she won $100 last month playing PCH Slots. “It just arrived the other day. Thank you, PCH,” she says. “So much more fortunate than scratch cards that I can’t even afford in the first place!!”

Rebecca has won several small prizes since first paying our fun and free online games in 2001 – several $10 and $100 prizes and a $500 prize.

She explains, “I’m on SSDI and it isn’t enough to cover regular bills, of course, so I have really been able to use every prize I’ve ever won from you, including the $5 gift card years ago.
I utilize every opportunity to enter I have time to do. I usually find myself wishing I had more time. I’ve listened to your winners saying that you can’t win if you don’t enter, so I’ve been playing as much as possible. I use your app and go online, and I also call in entries.”

Rebecca says she would love to win a life-changing prize but until then, she truly appreciates her small “winning moments”.

Well, fans and friends, there you have it – three lucky PCH winners who stayed in it to win it. And just as lovely flowers seem to magically emerge from the ground during the month of May, their winnings seemed to appear out of nowhere, to their complete joy and utter delight.

You, too, could win a PCH prize – all you need to do is enter, enter, enter! “May” good luck be with you all!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Have you won a PCH prize in any amount? Comment below and let us know about it!

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