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Now It’s YOUR Turn To Interview A “Forever” Prize Winner!

Do you remember last month when we had recent “Forever” Prize winner Crystal Crawford visit our PCH headquarters? We wrote about it a few times, and told you how Crystal brought almost her entire family, including her sons and niece. It’s great that she was able to show the younger generation where the prize came from, because the “Forever” Prize is all about legacy – it means $5,000.00 A Week For the life of a winner, and then after that, $5,000.00 A Week For Life to a beneficiary the winner chooses!

While Crystal and her family were here, we treated them to a delicious breakfast in our boardroom, at which time our Social Media team reached out to all of YOU for questions to ask! It was fun to hear her answer questions directly from all of you … so without further ado, here we go!

ia9mmguy – How awesome does it feel that you never gave up?

“Completely awesome. It’s a relief, you know? It came at the right time.”

chacha_an_ – What is your favorite game to play?

“I have lots of games on my phone! I mean, there’s so many! But my favorite is the PowerBall game on PCH, the Slot Machine.”

miss_jimerson – Did you have a feeling you were going to win?

“No, not at all. Not in the least. Honestly, you totally surprised me!”

Danielle (interjecting): Well, the camera kind of gave it away!

“No! Because even while you were coming up the stairs, I was like, oh they’re going to the wrong place.”

brandon_m_coleman – When did you get the money?

“I got the first payment — a $50,000 check — that day!”

reginaswilliamsgmail – What was the first thing you did with your money?

“Put it in the bank!”

damonwhite47 – What was your first thought when the PCH team surprised you?

“You gotta be kidding me!”

rudyandrew – How has your life changed since?

“It’s changed a lot in a sense that it’s not as stressful. I keep doing the same things I’ve been doing – going to work, to church, just living life every day. Maybe going to restaurants more than usual. But it hasn’t changed me, except that it’s elevated me a little more and given me the inspiration to do a little more.”

And I couldn’t help myself – I asked her one question on my own before we left. What did you do after you deposited the check in the bank?

“I went back to work that same day! I deposited the check and then went back to work! They were like “what are you doing here, “but I was like – well the check is in the bank, what am I going to do with the money right now? Then I got home, and I saw the big check again, and then it started to settle in.”

And there you have it! A REAL “Forever” Prize winner answering your REAL questions! And it doesn’t have to stop here. Feel free to reach out to us ANYTIME on social media to let us know what you want to ask our winners. And don’t forget to enter at, because if you’re selected a winner, then people will be asking YOU the questions!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

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  1. Well I haven’t met the Prize Patrol, nor experienced how it feels to win something this great. I will let all know how it feels, OMG I CANT WAIT TO SEE!