$10,000.00 Cash For School Prize Patrol Recap!

Hey PCH fans! Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly here with a recap of last week’s big $10,000.00 Cash For School Giveaway! Did you follow along with the clues we provided? Our wonderful intern Tamara had fun posting the clues throughout the day, but not as much fun as Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol giving $10,000.00 to the big winner!

I had a chance to talk to Danielle about the event, and she was thrilled with how smoothly everything went!

“It’s such a relief when the flights aren’t late and the weather is on our side! I didn’t have any problem getting to the Buffalo area.”

Everything with the travel was great for Danielle, but one crucial piece of the puzzle was missing – The Big Check!

“We had the Big Check overnighted to the hotel where we were staying, but it got stuck in the mail! Luckily, the Prize Patrol always have the instructions ready to share with a local print shop, and we had a new one quickly made on the spot.”

I guess it really added that local touch!

Danielle wasn’t alone on the trip, though. And no, it wasn’t Howie, Dave, Todd or even yours truly! It was her friend Lindsay Bessey!

“Lindsay was an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in years! She had just moved to the Buffalo area, so I asked her if she wanted to see a winning moment ‘in person’. She had a blast, and I’m glad I had her help!”

Once Danielle, Lindsay and the camera person found the winner’s home, they made their approach. They knocked again and again, but no one answered. They then heard she worked about 90 minutes away and decided to come back later … when all of a sudden the winner pulled up in her car! It turns out she just went shopping!

“She was at the supermarket! We quickly turned our cameras and microphones back on. She was totally shocked. What a great winning moment!”

It’s so great to hear these stories from the road so soon after the winning moment from the Prize Patrol themselves! If you’d like to be able to win from PCH and tell your friends your OWN Prize Patrol story, you have to be “in it to win it!” Make sure you get your entry in right now!

Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly
PCH Correspondent

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